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Just as the name suggests, waste pipes carry wastewater from the residential, commercial and industrial units into the main pipelines. Waste pipes carry waste water from sinks, baths, showers and washing machines. Waste pipes do not have vents as the liquid waste water does not generate foul smell and gaseous substances.
Plastic PVC waste pipes are the most used pipes at present as they are more durable than other available variants.

Purpose of waste pipes

Waste pipe serves as an essential role in the plumbing system of a building, ensuring efficient and safe removal of wastewater. These types of pipes are responsible for wastewater carrying away from toilets, sinks, fixtures, and showers. By changing the direction of wastewater into the sewer system, these pipes efficiently maintain a functional and hygienic environment. Moreover, these pipes ensure leakage free plumbing systems. Let’s dive into some installation techniques. 

Maintenance tips

Frequent maintenance is essential to keep waste pipe in better condition, so, let’s dive into the pipe’s maintenance tips. 

Advantages of PVC waste pipes are :

  • Light weight of the PVC pipes makes them easy to use and install.
  • These pipes are non-flammable makin them safe for use
  • PVC waste pipes do not rust or corrode, so they have a long life.
  • These pipes are leak-proof.
  • The pressure is well-maintained in these pipes
  • The surface of these pipes is smooth and shiny, making them resistant to deposition.
  • Plastic PVC waste pipes are very strong and can sustain high pressure.
  • They do not generate any noise
  • These pipes are temperature resistant and do not crack easily.


Different types of waste pipes are available in the market . Waste pipes differ in material of their composition and sizes according to their application. Waste pipes also differ in the types of joints they have like Ring-fit pipes, solvent-fit pipes.


Ring-fit waste pipes incorporate a very simple to use rubber ring jointing system specially designed for easy, full-proof and cost effective installation. Installation is done by simple application of lubricant on the spigot side of the pipe or the fitting and pushing it inside the grooved socket end of the corresponding pipe  fittings. Ring-fit waste pipe does not require any solvent cementing, welding, soldering or threading for making the joints.


Solvent-fit waste pipe jointed using solvent cement. On application of solvent cement on the pvc waste pipes, a thin layer of PVC is softened and once the spigot is inserted into the socket, the softened material intermixes forming a homogeneous joint. The solvent dries up quickly and the joint comes to its original rigid plastic state. Once joined, the system cannot be taken apart.

Why Ajay Drainline?

Ajay Drainline SWR pipes and fittings manufactured using virgin PVC which help to maintain top quality.

High performance products with several unique and performance enhancing features:

  • Factory-Fitted DM seal in all pipes & fittings: tested to 5bar (min.) joint pressure ensure fast, easy, full-proof jointing & long maintenance free service.
  • High strength and rigidity pipes for long life and easy handling.
  • Heavy duty reinforced fittings made using “Granule Technology” for higher strength for elimination of breakage and damage issues.
  • Nahani trap with right water seal and Multi-floor trap & P trap with 50mm (min.) water seal for foul odour prevention.

Complete range of SWR pipes & fittings offering

  • Ring-Fit & Solvent-Fit pipes
  • Ring-Fit & Solvent-Fit fittings
  • Big range of traps for both under floor and ceiling suspended installation
  • High performance solvent cements & lubricants
  • Wash basin P-traps & bottle traps
  • Air admittance valves
  • WC & pan connectors

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