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Plumbing Pipe

The primary purpose of a plumbing system is to supply water for various uses.
Over the years, plumbing has evolved a lot. It has come a long way from the usage of clay pipes that were used for water supply in ancient times to a variety of materials used now. Today, we use different types of plumbing pipes for plumbing systems.
There are a major of seven water supply pipes that are commonly found in houses these days. They are CPVC, PVC,PPR, PEX, PERT, Copper, Galvanized Iron pipes. When it comes to changing the existing plumbing system in your old house or to install a plumbing system in your new house, you may find it confusing to choose among the types of pipes available in the market.


Plumbing pipe plays an essential role in everyday lives, that offers an efficient and reliable system for transportation of waste and water. As a huge range of pipes are available in the market, it could become overwhelming to select the appropriate one. Let’s know about varying types of these pipes, along with its applications that allow you to make good decisions. 

PVC pipes

These pipes are widely used in plumbing applications, as these are affordable, lightweight, and easy to handle. Moreover, the pipes are mostly used for vent lines, drainage systems, and underground water supply lines. And, these pipes are resistant to corrosion that makes them a preferable choice. 

Copper pipes

This type of pipe has served as the most popular choice for plumbing systems for many years. Well-known for long life, durability, and corrosion resistance, that makes it a suitable pipe for water application. Mostly, taken in use in commercial and residential buildings because of its excellent properties. 

PEX pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes have attained much fame in recent years due to their easy installation and better flexibility. Moreover, these pipes are resistant to freezing, which makes it suitable for cold weather. Apart from this, they are famous for its resistance to enhance buildup and it also possess ability to maintain water temperature.

Pipe Fitting

Pipe Fitting

Types of Water Supply Pipes

Pipes are used in transporting drinking water. They are used in water distribution networks where the water is treated before distribution and chlorinated to prevent contamination.

  • PVC plastic plumbing pipe: PVC water pipes are relatively economical and are meant for cold water only. The advantages of PVC water pipes are that they do not corrode or scale and last long. Further they are easy to install and handle.
  • CPVC plastic plumbing pipe: In India CPVC Pipes are being most extensively for hot and cold water plumbing. These pipes can withstand hot water upto 93 Deg C, do not corrode or scale, are easily to install and are suitable for potable water applications. Joining is done using CPVC solvent cements and is fast, easy and leak-free. Due these reasons these pipes have becomes plumbers and home owners number one choice.
  • PPR plastic plumbing pipe: PPR also is being used for hot and water application. PPR jointing is done using heat welding method and requires power and welding machines at site.  Due to this reason its use has steadily waned overtime and most manufacturers of PPR have switched to offering CPVC and UPVC based plumbing systems.
  • PEX plastic plumbing pipe: Polyethylene cross linked pipes are the latest entrants in India for plumbing. They use the crimp or compression technology for making joints. Currently they use remains limited to few residential projects across India.
  • PERT plastic plumbing pipe: Polyethylene Raised Temperature pipes are the latest entrants in India for plumbing. They also use the crimp or compression technology for making joints. This kind of pipes are rarely seen in India however is likely to be used for plumbing applications in future.
  • Rigid copper plumbing pipes are another type of water supply pipes used within the home. Traditionally when plastic solutions were not available copper was considered as a superior choice.
  • GI plumbing pipe Pipe: Traditionally GI pipes were used for this application however since the last two decades they have been fast and almost completely replaced by polymer piping. GI pipes are prone to corrosion and scaling.

Why to Choose Ajay PVC Plumbing Pipes?

The following are the key reasons on why to choose Ajay PVC Plumbing Pipes for all your plumbing needs.

Light in weight

The light weight of plastic plumbing pipes makes them easy to install and replace without hassle.


The plastic plumbing pipes manufactured by Ajay Pipes are completely recyclable making them environment-friendly.

Easy Handling

Being light, the plastic water pipes are easy to manoeuvre.

Immune to deposition and scaling

These water supply pipes are joined using either a solvent or are pre-designed ring structure, these joints have a smooth inner surface that doesn’t allow any kind of scaling or deposition to take place.

Rust and corrosion free

The PVC plumbing pipes do not rust or corrode like metals water pipes. This property makes them ideal for long-time use.

Resistant to chemicals and microbial attacks

The material of PVC plumbing pipes does not react with any chemicals and is also resistant to the attack of several microbes.

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