Wash Basins Traps

Wash Basin Traps

PVC bottle traps square measure fittings connected to the drain pipes underneath the wash basin sinks. CP bottle traps keep the basins hygienical by not rental the rubble block the pipes, in the meantime preventing harmful gases from the sewer pipes from escaping into the environment.

PVC bottle traps for room sinks additionally|also are|are} crucial as completely different varieties of food wastes also reach the room sinks. These food things, if stuck in drain pipes, clog the wash basins, and build a really foul smell as time passes. PVC bottle traps square measure the answer to the current terribly untidy drawback.

With every use, the bottle traps fill the bottle-like, larger diameter pipe crammed with drained water and maintains a water seal. This water refills into the bottle with every use, so preventing the rubble from coming into and foul gases from escaping, forming an ideal balance of hygiene.

Wash basin P traps also are traps that have constant operate of maintaining a water seal to forestall the putrid gases from escaping, however not like the wash basin bottle lure fittings, they are doing not have a wider bottle like structure, instead, atiny low diameter pipe encompasses a curve just like the alphabet P . wash basin p traps take additional radial area and aren’t appropriate for washbasins mounted on pedestals, whereas, basin bottle traps take less area and therefore, ar ideal for pedestal mounted wash-basins.Ajay Pipes is associate degree knowledgeable manufacturer of all types of PVC pipes and Fittings and specialises within the producing of wash basin traps.

Features & Benifits of Ajay Wash Basins Traps

  • 10 years warranty on chrome plating.
  • Hot water resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant (Chrome plate).
  • Trap water seal prevents foul smell to enter the room.
  • Made up of chemical resistant plastic.
  • DIY installation & maintenance.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Light Weight.
  • Elastomeric seal.
  • Trouble free and long life.

Ajay Bottle Trap Cylindrical Type (Chrome Plated)

Ajay Bottle Trap Round Type (Chrome Plated)

Ajay P Trap Self Cleaning (Chrome Plated)

Ajay Bottle Trap Round Type (White)

Ajay P Trap Self Cleaning (White)