Inspection Chamber

Inspection Chamber

A Manhole chamber also known as the Inspection chamber in drainage is a plastic molded product that provides access to sewage lines for inspection and cleaning. These readymade drainage chambers offer huge convenience to users and installers by eliminating the need for on-site fabrication of expensive, time and labour intensive brick and concrete chambers which are also prone to seepages. These are used where

Why Ajay PVC manhole chamber?

  • High strength and high durability design
  • Structurally Reinforced
  • Anti-rodent technology
  • Leak free jointing with preinstalled Rubber rings
  • Fast reliable supplies and service
  • Single universal chamber design for all needs
  • Many sewage lines interest at many angles
  • Changes in direction occur
  • Provisions have to be left for new connections
  • Separation of public and private sewer lines

Inspection chambers in plumbing are very vital as they furnish handy get right of entry to to the pipes that are buried underground. These Access chambers let the plumber/maintenance character look at the drainage device and seem to be for faults in the system. These manhole chambers additionally let us cast off the grime that ought to perchance block the drain pipes and reason inconvenience.
Manhole chambers are required anywhere there is a trade of direction, convergence or divergence in the underground drainage pipes to make sure easy working of the structures due to well timed maintenance.

Traditionally, inspection chambers have been made of brick and cement which took a lot of time and demanded a lot of money. But today, CPVC manhole chambers have changed the regular concrete chambers as they are greater in your price range and less difficult to use.

Ajay Terraline manufactures multi-inlet inspection chambers in two specific sizes in accordance to the desires alongside with manhole covers, riser pipes and plugs to terminate the endings.
These inspection chambers are linked to riser pipes that carry the get right of entry to of the chambers to floor levels.