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As one of the oldest piping manufacturer in India, Ajay Pipes serves you with topmost quality UPVC column pipes manufactured using ultra-modern manufacturing technology by highly qualified experts to give you the best piping solutions for irrigation, domestic, industrial, and other infrastructural projects.

Our UPVC Column pipes are built with high resistance, high impact strength, high tensile, high pressure bearing capability, long durability, and special virgin environment-friendly high strength UPVC compound. Ajay Pipes works with a customer-oriented approach to offer highest quality piping and fittings to cater to the unique requirements of customers.

Our Deepline Column UPVC pipes are easy to installation, rigid, low installation costs, and come with high surface finish which increases flow rate and reduces pressure loss. What more?! You get to save power due to low friction. Long life of our UPVC Column pipes ensures you don’t have to spend again and again!

Applications of Deepline Column UPVC Pipes

UPVC Column Deepline Pipes are an ideal substitute for MS, ERW, HDPE, GI, and SS Column Pipes. Our ultra-modern UPVC Deepline Column Pipes are best suited for water rising for submersible and jet pumps required in irrigation, chemical distribution, industrial mining, and various domestic purposes.

Service Condition for Deepline Column UPVC Pipes

UPVC Column Pipes provide the best service in bore wells which either have full casing or are free from loose bolders and stones. The problem of bore collapse which generally occurs in areas having loose soils and silt, if at all it happens can be easily dealt by providing full casing pipes.Care should also be taken during drilling of the bore wells that it is vertical straight down without any bend.

Features and Benefits

Dual Function

Ajay Column Deepline UPVC Pipes performs a dual function which gives 100% value for money to the users. On one hand, our UPVC Column Pipes withstand the pump delivery pressure and the topmost pipe bears the load of the topmost column filled with water along with the pump on the other.

Low Installation Cost

Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes are relatively cheaper than many conventional GI / ERW Pipes. So you get to not only save money on installation but also get highest quality pipe fittings with countless benefits!

Screw Lock

Ajay Pipes focuses on providing innovative ways to bring out the best in our pipes. Thus, we have a unique screw lock system for our Deepline Column UPVC Pipes which eradicates any problems of coupler loosening and column slipping during the dismantling process.

Long Life

Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes have a great durability. The materials used in manufacturing our pipes are of topmost quality making it the most viable solution for your piping requirements with a very long life.

High Pressure Orientation

At Ajay Pipes, we follow a unique high pressure orientation technique to provide a higher drop and notch impact strength to the pipes. This is extremely important especially for column pipe extrusion.

Better Water Output

Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes promises approximately 30% higher water output against all other options due to its lower C-factor. Not just that, you also get no scaling or electrolytic deposition leading to better functioning!

Why Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes?

  • Being the oldest piping manufacturer in the industry, Ajay Pipes is the most reliable brand in India having:
    a) Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    b) Sophisticated Labs for both incoming and in-process material testing
    c) 100% Quality Assurance
    d) Stringent quality control for consistent defect-free products.
  • Easy Installation and highly tensile UPVC Column Pipes to deliver the best results
  • A perfect replacement for GLAND HDPE Pipes.
  • Ajay Pipes has a world-wide customer base. Our Pipes are used in many countries around the world successfully for our high-strength and eco-friendly Deepline Column Pipes.
  • We incorporate rubber O-rings that helps prevent water leakage along with providing a good support to absorb pump vibration.
  • Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes are made using virgin high strength environmental-friendly UPVC Compound. Our use of special formulations ensures high strength, high pressure bearing capacity, and high impact strength.
  • Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes uses a unique Screw Lock System to provide extra protection for pump.
  • The use of special square threads in Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes which is coupled with high impact formulation to ensure high strength and resist cracking.
  • 100% Maintenance free system ensures longer durability and makes Ajay Deepline UPVC Column Pipes highly cost-effective.

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