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Casing Pipe

Casing Pipes

Ajay has been one of the oldest manufacturers of highly durable UPVC Casing Pipes that are used for various underground applications used to line the bore wells in order to protect them from soil collapse. Developed using high quality virgin PVC compound, our leak proof Casing Pipes are known for their easy installation and anti-corrosive properties. These pipes are manufactured in different sizes and dimensions in accordance with the standard norms that offer precise dimensional accuracy.

Application Case-well casing pipes

Each Batch of pipes are tested for :-Raw material, Composition and Elastomeric Sealing Ring Visual Appearance, Colour & Dimensions Threading, Socket and Screen Dimensions, Density, Tensile strength, Impact Strength, Vocal Softening Temperature, Application Case-well casing pipes are used in irrigation, domestic, industrial & mining field, Effect on Water.


Ribbed Screen Casing Pipes

These pipes are provided with ‘V’ shape ribsonitsexterior surface. The special design of this structure with fine slots provided on the pipes prevents entry of even small particles and hence per mobility of the screen is maintained. These pipes are generally used in combined wells or used for specifics oil formation where normal screen pipes do not work e.g. fine sand. These pipes are provided with male and female threaded ends.

Screen / Slotted Pipes

Screen or slotted pipes are used for casing in ground water section to allow water to enter inside the well. These pipes can also be used to provide soak-ways for the storm water/rain water to infiltrate it back into surrounding areas. Thus we can recharge the ground water and prevent run off of rain water. These percolation pipes can also used in roof top rain water harvesting in the form of percolation pit, to recharge the ground water. These pipes can also be used for controlled and reduced volume of discharge of rain water into existing main sewer systems and water courses.

Features and Benefits
Non-toxic & Taste Free
Quick & Easy Installation
Resists Chemicals
Power Saver
None lectrolyticde Position
Light in weight
Long life / Durable


• Manufactured from quality raw material – Offers high strength & durability.
• Processed at high end & latest state-of-the- art equipment – Keeps up with the consistency inquality and the prescribed specifications.
• UPVC Pipes offer excellent chemical resistance – Non-corrosive, ensures longer life cycle.
• UPVC Pipes are lighter in weight than the conventional metal pipes – Easy Handling, Transportation & Installation.
• Economical – UPVC Pipes cost less than other alternates Cost of transportation, handling and install a tionislower, being lighter in weight no cranes, welding machines or diesel gensets are require for.
• Long evity of Life cycle – UPVC Pipes generally have a life cycle of up to 50 years, which saves on replacement & replenishment costs.
• UPVC is non-conductive – Offers excellent life avoid in electro – chemical reactions, which generally lead to encrustation of pipes.
• Quality water – UPVC doesn’t impart any color, odour or taste.
• UPVC Well Casing Pipes offer excellent stiffness & strength – Excellent mechanical properties thus it is capable of withstanding the hydraulic pressure, the pipes are subjected to during construction of well.
• UPVC Well Casing Pipes are reliable – Well casing pipes have trapezoidal threads which provide easy & stronger joints.
• UPVC Screen Pipes (Plain & Ribbed) complement the well casing system – The PVC screen pipes facilitate optimum performance & safety by keeping the gravel pack & other foreign substances out of the well.
• UPVC Screen Pipes (Plain & Ribbed) supplement better yield – The horizontal slots enable laminar flow in to the well ensureing higher permeability & reducing well entrance losses, thus saving pumping energy and offer higher yields.

These pipes are manufactured as per BIS standards (IS:12818-2010) an dare available in deep blue colour. One end of the pipe is male threaded where as other endisa female threaded socket. Threads are either ‘V’ type or trapezoid type and protection caps are provided on the threads to protect the threads in transit. Two types of pipes viz. Shallow Well (C.S.) and Medium Well (C.M.) are available. Shallow well pipes can be used for depths up to 80m and medium well pipes can be used up to 250m of depth.

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