AgriLine UPVC Pipes - Ajay Pipes


Ajay Agri Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from the virgin UV stabilized high strength PVC Compound. These Pipes are pre – socketed are joined using Solvent cement.

Handling & Storage
Stack the pipe Length telescopically on the flat base & on Label base ground.
Stacking height should not be more than 1.5mtr. high.
Ideally stack should contain one diameter pipe size only. Small pipes may be nested inside larger diameter pipes.
If stored in open sunlight cover the pipes with opaque sheet.
Store the fittings under the shade. Do not remove from cartoons or packing until required.
Use mask & gloves during the time of solvent cement jointing.

Features and Benefits
100% ISI marked
Long Life
Cost effective
Corrosion Resistant
ChemicaL Resistant
High Flow rate with Smooth Bore
Maintenance Free

Why Ajay Agriline?

Long History of innovation and customer delight: Ajay is an over 50 year old manufacturing organization with a focus on plastic extrusion and the oldest UPVC Pipe ISI license holder. The company is highly engineering focused with a mandate to offer only the best plumbing products and Agriculture pipes in the country. Our products are designed to offer:

  1. Better Ease of Use.
  2. Superior performance.
  3. Improved durability.
  4. Resistant to corrosion, rusting and the effects of weathering.
  5. Sufficient chemical resistant and exhibit less chemical reactivity.
  6. Lightweight, easy to handle.

Manufacturing technology, Design engineering and Quality infrastructure: equipped with state-of- the-art machines and employing latest cutting edge technology, Ajay leverages its capabilities to achieve the highest performance possible from its products.

Raw Materials: Ajay products are manufactured from advanced certified raw materials sourced from the most renowned suppliers which help us maintain top quality and consistent performance in our products.

High Quality products: products subjected to stringent quality control systems and testing not only as required by standards but beyond.

High performance products with several unique and performance enhancing features: All pipes and fittings: ensures fast, easy, fool-proof jointing and long maintenance free service,

  1. High strength and rigidity pipes for long life and easy handling.
  2. Heavy duty reinforced fittings made using “Granule Technology” for higher strength for elimination of breakage and damage issues.

Complete range of Agriculture pipes and fittings offering:

  1. Solvent-fit pipes
  2. Solvent-fit fittings
  3. High performance solvent cements

Availability: All Ajay products are available throughout the country through its network of 11 company operated warehouses and over 500 dealers and distributors.

Onsite Training: A service provided by Ajay for technicians and farmers in an attempt to continuously share and improves the skills.


Product Range

Trustworthiness Inspires Dependability

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