Top Features About UPVC Pipes That You Should Know About
Top features about UPVC Pipes that you should know about

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for all types of property, be it residential or commercial. There was a time when water was transported using metal pipes. Susceptible to corrosion and oxidation, metal pipes did not make the ideal choice. UPVC plumbing pipes have revolutionised the plumbing industry as they are leak-proof, cost-effective and durable. At Ajay Greenline, our UPVC pipes are manufactured from a non-toxic plastic compound. Our pipes are widely used in buildings for the distribution of potable water.

Here are some top features of our UPVC pipes that you should know about:

1. Lead-free and non-toxic: Prolonged exposure to lead can be dangerous for health. It is for this reason that our UPVC pipes are made from a non-toxic plastic compound that does not contain lead. Our lead-free pipes are safe and suitable for transporting drinking water as they do not allow any kind of bacterial growth. They are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals keeping the plumbing system protected against rusting and chemical deterioration.

2. High strength and UV resistant: Thanks to the high tensile strength of our UPVC pipes, they are more durable than conventional plastic and metal pipes. When exposed to sunlight, normal UPVC pipes degrade. Our ultraviolet resistant UPVC pipes are designed to withstand high pressure for long periods and UV degradation. They can serve you for over 50 years.

3. Self-extinguishing: UPVC pipes are very difficult to ignite. When they do catch fire, they have a limited spread of flame, making them safe to use. When the source of ignition is removed, the UPVC pipes do not support combustion — this means they do not continue to burn.

4. Fast and easy to install: The lightweight of our UPVC pipes make them cheaper to handle and transport, reducing labour costs during installation. UPVC pipes do not leak or break easily and thus the operational costs of UPVC pipes are also lower.

5. Corrosion-resistant: One of the many advantages of UPVC pipes that make them ideal for transporting potable water is that they are corrosion resistant. The non-toxic nature of UPVC pipes ensures that the quality of water does not deteriorate. Our high-quality UPVC pipes do not rust and react with chemicals. The smooth interior surface ensures there is no build-up and scaling even when transporting hard water. This also reduces the chances of fluid friction.

6. Cost-effective: When you consider longevity, UPVC column pipes are a clear choice above conventional metal pipes. Our UPVC column pipes are light in weight, making them convenient and cheaper to transport.

At Ajay Greenline, we offer a wide and complete range of UPVC pipes, fittings and valves. All the UPVC plumbing pipes and UPVC fittings are resistant to bacterial growth. The non-toxic and abrasion-proof UPVC pipes are designed to supply cold water through them with efficacy.



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