CPVC Pipes: What Makes Them A Safe And Reliable Choice?
CPVC PIPES: What Makes Them a Safe and Reliable Choice?


The performance of piping material is important, whether it’s used for plumbing applications in residential or commercial properties. Leaks or corrosion in pipes can not only affect the quality of water but they cause damage to the property. With corrosion-resistant properties and the ability to withstand high temperatures, CPVC pipes and fittings can be relied upon for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. From supplying cold and hot water to transporting industrial chemicals, our CPVC pipes and fittings are widely used across industries. Here are some of the proprieties of CPVC pipes that make them a safe and reliable choice:

1.  Durability: The high tensile strength of CPVC pipes makes them long-lasting. Resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, our CPVC pipes are durable and can last over 50 years. Even after long-term exposure to extreme temperatures, the CPVC piping system remains unaffected, making them a reliable choice.

2. Corrosion resistance: When it comes to the piping system, corrosion is an ongoing problem. Rusting and corrosion cause metal pipes to crack and adversely affect the quality of water. Our CPVC pipes and fittings exhibit superior resistance to internal and external corrosion. There is no scaling or pitting. The piping material does not remain unaffected by the chlorine present in the water. This eliminates leaks and flows restrictions, reducing the chances of premature pipe failure.

3. Temperature tolerance: CPVC pipes are able to withstand extreme temperatures in comparison to other thermoplastic plumbing systems. This means they can be used for transporting both cold and hot water. With our CPVC pipes, you don’t have to worry about hot water causing the pipes to melt, warp or break. Our CPVC pipes can withstand up to 93 degrees celsius. Known for heat efficiency, our CPVC piping systems are used in many solar and electrical water heaters.

4. Easy to install: CPVC pipes are among the recommended pipes for plumbing applications as they are incredibly easy to work with and install. They are lightweight and thus easy to move around. This involves less transportation and labour costs. As our CPVC pipes use the solvent cement joining method, they are easy to install and the tools required are very simple and inexpensive.

5. Low maintenance: When properly installed, the CPVC piping system does not require little too much maintenance. In case repair needs to be done, it can be made easily without the need for a welder or lifting device.

6. Low-cost : In comparison to metal pipes, CPVC pipes are considered to be relatively inexpensive. As they are easy to install and last for decades, they are quite cost-effective in the long run.

Our range of CPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured from high-quality compound imported from the United States. When you buy CPVC pipes from us, we also help you with technical support. Our technical team is available round the clock for residential and commercial buildings. Certified by IAPMO India, our CPVC pipes are safe for transportation drinking water.





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