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Pipe connectors are accessories used to complete the plumbing systems in residential and commercial units. These are also called pipe fittings and are generally made of the same material the pipes are made of. Pipe Connectors are generally used for the following purposes:
a. To increase the length of the pipeline
b. To modify the direction of pipeline
c. To distribute the pipeline into branches
d. To assemble the pipe with different plumbing elements such as pumps, sprinklers, faucets, showers and other accessories.

Pipe connectors can use different types of jointing technologies some of which are :
● Welded pipe connectors
● Threaded pipe connectors
● Brazed pipe connectors
● Soldered pipe connectors
● Grooved pipe connectors
● Compression pipe connectors
● Flanged pipe connectors
● Solvent cemented connectors
● Rubber ring connectors

PVC Connectors

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a man-made plastic mainly used to manufacture pipe and pipe connectors to transport water and is widely used in drainage and water distribution systems. PVC connectors are made of PVC plastic and have many advantages over the metal fittings. PVC connectors are light weight, easy to install, corrosion and scaling resistant and have a very long life.

Various types of PVC connectors are available in the Indian market such as:

● PVC Tee and Cross Tee connectors- Tees make three way connections between pipes used to converge or diverge the flow of the fluids. Similar to a Tee, a Cross Tee Connector make a 4 way connection between pipelines.
● PVC Elbow or Bend connectors- Elbows are used wherever there needs to be a direction change of 90 degrees between two pipes.
● PVC Couplings or socket – work as a connecting accessory between two pipes, generally used to extend the length of the pipe.
● PVC Reducers and bushing- Reducers are used to connect two pipes of different diameters.
● PVC Unions- unions, just as the name suggests, are used to join multiple pipes together.
● PVC Wye and Double Wye Connector (Y)- These these are also 3 way connectors which joins a straight pipeline with a third incoming line at 45 degree. Double Wye will connect 2 incoming lines at 45 degree to a straight pipe line.
● PVC Transition Connectors: these types of connectors are used to connect pipelines of different materials or two connect pipeline with different plumbing fittings.
● PVC End Cap or Plug: are used to terminate the pipeline.
● PVC Trap: are used in drainage systems to trap unwanted matter in pipelines and also to prevent foul gases to enter inside the system.
● PVC Service Saddle: are used to take tapped connection for distributing water.

PVC pipe connectors mostly use the following two connection systems:

● Solvent cemented connectors: These require special chemicals known as solvent cements which makes a strong joint. The process involves melting the pipe and fitting layer and fusing it together while filling up any air gaps with the cement.
● Rubber ring connectors: This type of jointing is fast and easy requiring the lowest amount of skill. Special rubber ring inside the socket forms a seal once the spigot side of the pipe or the fitting is inserted inside the socket.

House drainageRain water drainage

Ajay Pipes is the top producer of PVC pipes and Fittings in India with the highest quality products made of virgin plastic.

PVC Pipe connectors are available for the following applications:

a. PVC Pressure Pipe connector
  • Used for water supply
  • Grey Color.
  • This is a pressure pipe connector complying with IS7834 standard
  • Available in Pressure class 6/10 Kg/cm².
  • Sizes Available: 6kg : 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm & 315mm
  • Sizes Available:10kg : 40mm & 50mm
b. PVC Non-Pressure Pipe connector
  • Used for drainage (SWR application)
  • Light Grey Color.
  • This is a non-pressure pipe connector complying with IS 14735 standard
  • Sizes Available: RF/SF 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm
c. UPVC Plumbing connector
  • Used for cold water distribution inside buildings
  • White Color.
  • This is a pressure fitting complying with SCH – 40 ASTM D 2466 / SCH – 80 ASTM D 2467 standard
  • Available in Sch 40 and Sch 80 system
  • Sizes Available: SCH 40 –  2-1/2”,3”, 4”
  • Sizes Available: SCH 80 – ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4” & 6”
d. PVC UDS Pipe connector
  • Used for underground drainage
  • Golden Brown Color.
  • This is a non-pressure fitting complying with BS – 1401 – PART – 1 standard
  • Sizes Available: 110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 315mm

Features of products by Ajay –

● Products are easy to use
● Superior Performance
● Improved durability
● Raw materials are NSF certified CPVC compounds.
● Ajay incorporates latest technology offering 25% higher pressure rating at elevated temperatures increasing the impact strength of the products.
● Products are available all across the country with 11 warehouses and more than 500 dealers and distributors.
● Onsite training for better installation and long life of the pipes and fittings.

Other feature of Ajay Products:

● All the products undergo flattening tests at 100% compression.
● Products undergo malfunction test
● Products undergo Hydrostatic sustained pressure test

Applications of products by Ajay Pipes:

● Individual residential units
● Large residential complexes
● Commercial buildings
● Hotels and hospitals
● Industries
● Irrigation systems.

For more information on PVC pipes and connector fittings or any of the topics listed below, please contact our experts at Ajay Pipes at our Mobile No. +919355012531 or email us at

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