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Agriculture is the most primary activity in India employing more than half of the working population of the country. As water is very crucial in agriculture, so are the water transportation systems.

Most farmers prefer the latest irrigation systems to best optimize their farming techniques. These irrigation systems consist of pipes of different sizes suiting their purpose and use.
Agricultural pipes are used to bring water from the borewells, canals, rivers and ponds to their farms with the help of pumps,
Casing and column pipes also fall in the category of agricultural pipes used for lining the borewells and for drawing out water from the wells using submersible pumps.

The best pipes for irrigation purposes are the PVC pipes made of high quality virgin compounds. These pipes are recommend because :
● These pipes are light in weight.
● These pipes are corrosion free.
● Ideal for use even in the case of hard water as there is no scaling.
● These pipes are especially designed to be UV resistant in all weather conditions.
● These pipes do not catch fire.
● Their joints are reliable and strong
● These pipes are very easy to use and install.

Agricultural Pipe Fittings


Agricultural pipe fittings connect the pipes with other pipes in order to

a. Lengthen the pipe
b. Change the direction of pipeline
c. Take out multiple outlets
d. Connect the pipe to different elements such as pumps, sprinklers etc

Agricultural pipe fittings are also available in different pressure classes however the most popular are 4 kg/cm2 and 6 Kg/cm2.

Different fittings that are available are: Tee, Elbow, Coupler, Reducer, Reducer Bush, Reducer Tee, MTA, FTA, End Cap, Service Saddle.

Agricultural PVC Pipe Price List:

If you are a Trader or a Builder then you should focus on a good brand rather than price & if you are a homeowner then you should focus on quality products. Ajay pipes offers good quality Agricultural PVC pipes at an ideal price. To download the Agricultural PVC Pipes Price List fill the enquiry form please.

pipes and fittings company
  • Agricultural PVC pipes are made as per IS: 4985 in different pressure classes ranging from 2.5 Kg/cm2, 4 Kg/cm2, 6 Kg/cm2, 10 Kg/cm2, 12.5 Kg/cm2, 15 Kg/cm2.
  • The sizes range from ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”.
  • These pipes are manufactured in 6 mtr length.
  • Color: Light grey


Why Ajay UV-R PVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings :

Ajay UV-R PVC pressure pipes & fittings manufactured from virgin UV stabilized high strength PVC compound. These pipes are pre socketed and are joined using solvent cement.

Unique advantages:

– 100% ISI marked
– Long life
– Cost effective
– Hygienic
– Corrosion resistant
– Chemical resistant
– High flow rate with smooth bore
– Self-extinguishing
– Maintenance free

Sizes Available:

Ajay UV-R PVC Pressure Pipes available from 20mm to 315mm in 5 different pressure classes (i.e. 2.5kg, 4kg, 6kg, 10kg & 15kg) & Ajay UV-R PVC Pressure fittings available from 40mm to 110mm in 6kg & 10kg pressure class.

For any Queries related to the agriculture pipes & fittings or any of the below, please contact the experts at Ajay Pipes. You can call on the Mobile no: +91 9355012531 or email at .

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