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Nahani Trap is a device which receives waste water from showers, bathroom & kitchen floors and transmits it to the drainage pipelines. It is also used to prevent foul gases from the sewer drains from entering the living spaces.
Traps are a crucial part of the present plumbing systems. A good Nahani trap must maintain water seal efficiently under all flow conditions and should not allow water to accumulate on the floor. They should also be designed in such a way that they do not choke easily and if it all it happens they should be easy cleanable.
Good traps have the following characteristics:
● They are self-cleaning
● Simple in design
● Easily installable
● Smooth internal and external finish
● Must have a minimum 10 mm water seal

PVC Nahani trap is the material of choice in India being used with PVC pipes and fittings. These are light weight, economical, easy to install and easy to maintain. Usually there is a removable steel or PVC jali on top of the nahani trap to filter waste.

Nahani Trap size and availability: 110 x 75 mm, 110 x 90 mm, 110 x 110mm, 90 x 50mm, 90 x 63mm.

PVC Jali

All floor traps used inside buildings require a mesh or a Jali on top to prevent unwanted materials to go inside the drainage system. This is either a Steel or PVC Jali. PVC Jali is more popular these days since they do not corrode and lasts very long.
PVC Jali comes in many designs having rectangular or square holes which customers can select from.

Nahani Trap Jali
Nahani Trap Jali

PVC Jali size and availability: 110 mm, 90 mm.

Plumbing Trap

Modern plumbing uses a variety of plumbing traps for preventing heavy unwanted materials from going into the drainage pipelines and also for preventing foul gases to enter the living spaces and common areas of a building. Plumbing traps today is an essential part of any drainage system.
Based on the requirement of the Indian building code all plumbing traps must incorporate a 50mm minimum depth for the water seal.

There are many types of plumbing traps in existence:

1. Multi-floor Trap: with 40mm/50 mm x 3 inlets Size and availability: 4” Ht, 5” Ht, 7” Ht.
2. Height riser For MFT: 40/50 mm x 3 inlets.
3. 110 mm P Trap
4. 110 mm Q-trap
5. 110 mm S-trap
6. 110 mm Square Gully Trap

pipes and fittings


Ajay pipes is the most high quality Nahani Trap and PVC Jali manufacturer in India. Ajay is the leading Indian brand of plastic PVC & CPVC pipes and fittings, offers a wide range of plumbing traps. All traps manufactured by Ajay pipes are of high strength and incorporate correct water seals to prevent bad odors. Ajay uses the high grade 100% virgin plastic as raw material to ensure the products’ long life.


Feature of pipes and fittings by Ajay Pipes are as follows:
● High impact strength
● Long life
● Corrosion, rust free
● Easy to install and use
● No or low maintenance, just fit and forget
● Low thermal expansion
● Low microbial growth
● Affordable prices for Nahani Traps and PVC Jali

To get details about Nahani trap prices and PVC Jali price, or to buy PVC pipes and fittings, contact Ajay Pipes by calling on the Mobile No. +91 9355012531 or emailing at

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