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SWR stands for Soil, Waste & Rainwater, it is a collective term used for pipes and fittings that form a drainage system of either a residential or a commercial building.
Soil part covers drainage from toilets and WC.
Waste Part covers all outlets such as shower areas, Washbasins, kitchen sinks, floor drains.
Rain part covers drainage of rain water from roof tops, balconies and other outdoor areas.

Together the three elements cover the entire drainage requirements of any building.


World over there are many materials available for drainage however PVC SWR Pipes today have become the material of choice due its easy availability, ease of handling and installation, Long life, recyclability, resistance to chemicals and ability to withstand impact. In India PVC SWR Pipes have replaced traditional solutions such as Cast Iron almost completely.

Top SWR PIPE and Fittings MANUFACTURER in India:

Ajay pipes is one of the top leading SWR Pipes & fittings manufacturers in India. Ajay manufactures a complete range of SWR pipes and fittings under its Ajay Drainline brandname.

Ajay Drainline SWR pipes are best for sanitary wastewater management systems because –

1. Quick & easy installation due to light weight pipes & fittings.
2. Leak proof joints.
3. Maintenance free systems
4. All pipes & fittings in strict compliance to standards.
5. Available in Ring-Fit & Solvent-Fit jointing systems.
6. Full range of pipes & fittings.
7. Pipe manufactured using the latest twin screw technology & fittings using latest injection molding technology.
8. Corrosion & rust proof.
9. Resistance to most household chemicals.
10. High flow rate with smooth & no scaling or deposition.
11. Highly durable
12. Light in weight

Ajay Drainline SWR pipes come in two different classes –

Type-A IS:13592 75mm,90mm,110mm,160mm
Type-B IS:13592 75mm,90mm,110mm,160mm

Type A pipes are for waste water drainage & air vent. Type B pipes are for carrying solid waste & rain water collected on the roof and other parts of the infrastructure to the main drain.

Application of Ajay Drainline SWR Pipes:

1.Piping for soil discharge
2.Waste discharge
3.Venting of gasses/smells/bad odours
4.Non pressure industrial drainage application based on chemical compatibility
5.Rain water transportation
6.Domestic & commercial drainage
7.Replacement of cast iron piping
8.Laboratory drainage

SWR Pipes Price List:

If you are a Trader or a Builder then you should focus on a good brand & if you are a homeowner then you should focus on quality products. Ajay pipes offers the best quality SWR pipes at an ideal price. To download the SWR pipes price list fill the enquiry form please.


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Ajay Pipes is a leading manufacturer of Plastic pipes and Fittings and our experts are always available for any kind of assistance. We at Ajay ensure you find the best match for all your plumbing needs. For more info on any of the topics listed below, please contact us at Mobile: 91 9355012531 or send an email to info@ajaypipes.com.

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