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Plumbing System

A plumbing system in any residential and commercial building is responsible for transportation of water and other fluids. The plumbing connections comprises plumbing materials that includes pumps, tanks, pipes and fittings, valves, taps, sanitary ware and other fixtures. The primary purpose of a plumbing system is to supply water. In common man terminology plumbing includes both water supply and drainage however technically plumbing covers water supply part only.
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Plumbilng Systems

Pipe Fitting

Pipe Fittings

Application of Plumbing System

We can find plumbing products in our daily life. They are widely used in domestic and commercial plumbing applications for water plumbing like water distribution systems for kitchen, wash area and in bathrooms and toilets in residential and commercial complexes, offices, industries, factories and laboratories etc.

House Plumbing or Water Plumbing

A house plumbing also known as water plumbing broadly covers the entire water supply network of the house covering when the municipal supply enters the house till water exits the outlets for various applications. A house plumbing covers the following areas:

Bathroom plumbing or Toilet plumbing

A Bathroom or toilet plumbing as the name suggests restricts to all water supply piping inside the bathroom or a toilet. This application requires piping for both hot and cold water. Bathroom plumbing components include.

  • Shower Plumbing
  • Bathtub plumbing
  • Wash basin Plumbing
  • WC Plumbing

Kitchen plumbing

Kitchen plumbing covers all water supply piping inside the kitchen. This also requires both hot and cold water piping. This primarily consists

  • Sink Plumbing
  • Water filter plumbing
  • Washing plumbing

Other types of house plumbing also includes:

  • Basement plumbing
  • Garden plumbing
  • Utility plumbing

Types of Pipes and fittings materials used in a Plumbing system

Plumbing is a complex system of pipes connected together. Here are the different types of plumbing pipes material used in bathroom plumbing:

CPVC Plumbing

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride pipe is a thermoplastic polymer used for hot & cold water plumbing applications in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are produced as a result of chlorinating the PVC polymer. CPVC pipes are impact resistant, do not corrode, do not scale, safe for drinking water, easy to install, bendable and exhibit fire-retardant properties.

UPVC Plumbing

UPVC stands for Unplasticised PVC and is also known as rigid PVC. UPVC pipes and fittings are most commonly used for cold water plumbing system. They are light and easy to handle. They offer high mechanical performance, durability for a longer time, resistance to chemicals, UV exposure, and are 100% recyclable.

PPR Plumbing

Made from polypropylene Random copolymer plastic, PPR pipes are relatively flexible pipes. They are produced through a continuous extrusion process. PPR can be used in hot and cold water as well as for purified drinking water systems.

PEX Plumbing

PEX pipes or Cross-linked polyethylene pipes is a plastic material used for space heating and cooling and water supply piping systems. PEX pipes have successfully replaced copper, PVC and galvanized steel plumbing pipes since they offer several advantages. These pipes are flexible, offer high-heat resistance, durable and are easy to install.

PERT Plumbing

PERT pipes are polyethylene (PE) pipes designed to withstand raised temperatures (RT). These pipes are extremely flexible and are ideal for plumbing, water service, hydronic heating and cooling and ground source geothermal piping systems.

Why Ajay Pipes?

At Ajay Pipes, we truly believe that implementing a plumbing system in your residential and commercial buildings is as important as oxygen to your body. A good house plumbing system ensures that water flows in and out of your house properly and smoothly.

The products of Ajay pipes serve the three aims of a good plumbing system. We ensure that our products are

  • Safe to supply drinking water in adequate quantities.
  • Remove liquid wastes and sewages efficiently
  • Minimizes the risk of failure through vigilance and quality assurance.
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Get in touch with our experts to know more about implementing the best plumbing system in your residential and office space.

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