Benefits Of Using UPVC Plumbing Pipes And Fittings In Your Home
Benefits Of Using UPVC Plumbing Pipes And Fittings In Your Home

UPVC Plumbing Pipes And Fittings

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, a big part of making it livable is its plumbing system. Poorly installed plumbing pipes or low-quality pipes can cause extensive damage to your property, leading to long-term expenses and trouble. The best way to ensure that your house remains leakproof is to use UPVC pipes and fittings.

Here are some features of UPVC plumbing pipes and fittings that make them popular among homeowners:

1. Leak-free plumbing: Leakage in the plumbing pipes not only waste water but also damage your property. It also encourages mould and mildew that can cause allergies and damage your furniture. Made after thorough research and tests on bust pressure, UPVC pipes are designed to provide leak-proof and uninterrupted water supply to your home. As our UPVC pipes are resistant to corrosion, the chances of leakage are minimum. The UPVC fittings are sealed with solvent for ensuring leak-free plumbing.

2. Environment-friendly option: When it comes to choosing plumbing pipes for your home, the health safety of your family should be the top priority. Lead-free and non-toxic plumbing pipes are the best choice. Made from an environment-friendly compound, our UPVC pipes are lead-free which make them safer than pipes made from metals and concrete. Our environment-friendly pipes are safe for potable water distribution.

3. Long-lasting and durable: When you install plumbing pipes in your house, always take a long-term view. UPVC pipes have high tensile and impact strength which make them a long-lasting plumbing solution. Our UPVC pipes and fittings have high resilience. They can withstand high pressure for long periods. When properly installed, our UPVC pipes can last for 50 years.

4. Corrosion and chemical resistance: The leading cause of leaks in plumbing pipes is corrosion. Due to continuous rusting, metal pipes degrade. But thankfully, that’s no the case with our UPVC pipes. Resistant to corrosion and chemical, our pipes are reliable and durable for the transportation of potable water.

5. No bacterial growth: Bacterial growth adversely affects the quality of water and causes health risks. Our pipes do not allow any bacterial growth. For biofilm to grow, microorganisms need something to attach to. The inner surface of our UPVC pipes is so smooth that microorganisms cannot attach to it, creating an environment less conducive for bacterial growth.

6. Easy to install and handle: Due to their cost-effectiveness and durability, UPVC pipes have become quite popular for plumbing work across the globe. The lightweight makes UPVC pipes easy to handle and transport. Moreover, the tools needed to install UPVC pipes are not very expensive. This reduces overall labour costs during installation. Moreover, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, UPVC pipes do not break down easily, requiring low or no maintenance. All this makes UPVC pipes an attractive and affordable option.

Choose UPVC pipes and fittings from Ajay Greenline and get freedom from plumbing and drainage problems. We are a one-stop shop for all your plumbing needs. Besides offering a complete range of pipes and fittings, valves and solvent cement, we also provide training and services for single-family homes and large residential buildings so that you have total peace of mind.

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