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PVC manhole or PVC chambers for drainage are chambers connected to the underground drainage systems for the purpose of providing access for inspection and cleaning of the pipes by removing blockages.

Finding out the faults, leakages and blockages in the underground drainage systems is a mammoth task which could prove to be unfeasible and impractical in the absence of PVC drainage chambers.



PVC Drainage chambers are a better alternative to the traditional concrete chambers as they take more time and material to construct whereas PVC manholes are readily available readymade in the markets.
PVC chambers also prove to be more economical than the concrete chambers.

Readymade PVC chambers come with different accessories like PVC chamber covers, PVC manhole covers, riser pipes with rubber rings and plugs. So, it becomes more convenient to purchase the PVC inspection chambers along with its accessories instead of building one with bricks and concrete.

Ajay Pipes is a leading brand in manufacturing of plastic PVC pipes, fittings and solvent cements. Ajay presents its very own underground drainage system pipes, fittings and solvents under the name of UDS Terraline.

Ajay UDS Terraline consists of all the products that are used in the underground drainage systems.

Advantages of choosing Ajay Terraline PVC inspection chambers are :

  • Quick and affordable to install
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible accessories available to make the system reliable
  • Anti-rodent material to prevent from damage
  • 100% leak proof solvent cements to ensure zero leakage.
  • Strong support feet to ensure level bedding of pipes and fittings.

Other products of Ajay Terraline are also perfect for all underground drainage system needs.


Some unique features of Ajay Terraline are :

  • Foam core technology in pipes for better performance
  • Ring-fit jointing system with industrial DM-seal
  • Higher durability
  • Wide range of products in varying sizes
  • Constant quality control on raw materials
  • Expert technical experience
  • Compatible with other Ajay systems like flowline.
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Use of latest technology
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To order products of Ajay Terraline or get more info about the products, call on the Toll Free No.: 1800-11-4050 or via email at our email address info@ajaypipes.com


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