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Inspection chambers in the drainage system come with a removable lid and are connected to the drain pipes at surface level to allow inspection of the drains pipes. However, these inspection chambers do not allow the entry of a person physically, but inspection can be done using several inspection tools.

Drainage chambers are required wherever there is a turn in the underground drainage system so that, in case of any kind of blockage, it can be removed through the inspection chamber.

Readymade drainage chambers are available in the market and are made of high grade CPVC plastic to provide them strength and durability as well as eliminate the risk of rusting and corrosion.

These chambers for drainage are very crucial in the underground drainage systems as it becomes very difficult to figure out the leakage and blockage otherwise. Drain manholes are chambers that allow entry of humans for physically figuring out the faults and blockages.


Ajay Pipes manufactures the full range of Underground Drainage pipes and fitting along with solvent cements used in the underground drainage systems.

Drainage Inspection chamber by Ajay comes in two variants which are mentioned as follows :

FGINCB315110 315×110
FGINCB450110 450x160x110

Along with this multi-inlet inspection chamber, Ajay also manufactures Drainage chamber accessories like UPVC riser pipe with rubber ring, Frame with cover set and End plug.
This completes the full range of chambers for drainage.

These inspection chambers in drainage systems by Ajay Pipes provide access to sewer pipelines for inspection and cleaning. This provides convenience to the installers eliminating the need for building chambers using brick and concrete.

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Uses of Drainage inspection chambers by Ajay Pipes:

  • Intersection points of sewer lines at different angles
  • Changes in direction of pipes
  • Separation of public and private sewer lines.

These chambers are connected to the pipes and then riser pipes which come with pre-fixed rubber seals are used to raise the height of the chambers to bring them to the surface level.


  • Quicker and more economical alternative of concrete manholes.
  • Reliable and easy to install
  • Multi directional inlets.
  • Anti-rodent material to prevent from damages done by rodents
  • Unique feature of self-cleaning
  • Very long life
  • Resistant to chemicals

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