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Sometimes, especially in the monsoon months, the drains and toilets start to clog and the waste we have flushed out starts to creep back in. This happens when the drainage non return valve fails.

Drainage Non return valves are simple devices that prevent the damage to the infrastructures caused by flooding due to either surface water of faults and leakages in the underground drainage systems.

These valves are made of high grade CPVC plastic and designed according to the European standards by Ajay Pipes.
Use of these valves outside the buildings is crucial to prevent outside drainage faults from sending the waste back inside the building.

Non return valves protect even the power pumped systems by not letting the pumped out waste back in.


Depending on its various applications, Non return valves are available in the markets as :

  • Non return valve for sewage pipe or sewer non return pipe
  • Waste pipe non return valve
  • Soil pipe non return valve
  • Anti flood non return valve
  • Drainage non return valve

If you’re interested in buying non-return valves, Ajay terraline would be the best choice as Ajay manufactures the best quality CPVC non return valves along with other underground drainage pipes and fittings.

Other pipes and fittings fit for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural water supply, drainage and other plumbing systems are also manufactured by Ajay Pipes.

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