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Underground drainage systems have pipes buried in the ground to transport waste water and rainwater from buildings to municipal sewers or septic tanks or underground rainwater harvesting tanks.
As underground pipes are always in touch with the earth around them, they are especially designed to be durable and robust with the strength to withstand the external soil load against zero internal pressures. As such the most important characteristic of these pipes is their stiffness.
Underground drainage systems are highly suitable wherever the transport of foul drainage is concerned, as they reduce the exposure of foul waste to the air thus, preventing the spread of odours.

Why is the underground drainage system preferred?

To keep the environment clean and prevent the waste from spilling on the surface and leading to the growth of water-borne diseases, UDS are preferred over open sewers. They also eliminate foul odors and unsightly open sewers. UDS also prevent dust and debris from mixing with the drainwater, thus clogging the drains.

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Types of Underground Pipes:

Underground pipes are generally layered in order to withstand the pressure. These pipes carry a large amount of waste, and thus need to be robust. That is why these pipes have different types of layering. Three major types of underground drainage pipes are :

Solid wall PVC underground pipes

These pipes are made of single layer PVC. PVC Due to various advantages of PVC pipes such as resistance to corrosion & scaling, light weight, resistance to chemical and microbial attack and easy handling and installation makes PVC ideal for such applications.

PVC FOAM CORE Underground pipes:

Foam core pipes have an inner and outer layering of PVC plastic and a middle layer of foamed PVC plastic. This middle layer of the foamed PVC provides extra rigidity to the pipes. These characteristics of foam core underground pvc pipes makes them ideal for heavy use like in communal drainage lines carrying the waste of multiple residential units to the mains pipeline.

DWC underground pipes

DWC stands for Double wall Corrugated pipes. These pipes are made of HDPE and PP giving them good stiffness and high impact strength.


Stormwater drainage systems manage the disposal of water collected from roofs, paved areas, parkings, sidewalks and footpaths during storms directly into the main sewers.
Most Stormwater drainage systems dump the storm water into the streams and rivers without treating.
These systems are crucial in areas observing heavy rainfall and the chances of flooding are more. High Density polyethylene pipes work best with the Stormwater drainage systems as they are robust and durable in the long run.


The Ajay Terraline Underground system has been designed to ensure it can be installed and tested with confidence. Reliability is inbuilt in all our product offering for peace of mind of users. Our system offers:

  • Novel foam core technology for superior performance piping.
  • Ringfit jointing system for leak free performance through factory fit DM-Seal.
  • Higher performance and durability.
  • Comprehensive range of system components available in 110mm, 160mm, and 200mm.
  • Entire system manufactured under constant quality control of all raw materials and ready products.
  • Support through extensive technical experience.
  • Fully compatible with Ajay Drainline system.
  • Entire plumbing and drainage both for internal & external from one source.
  • Superior fit & finish
  • High-tech machines and compliance to top manufacturing and product standards.

Ajay Pipes offers a state-of-the-art range of Underground Drainage pipes and fittings at highly affordable prices. Experts from Ajay Pipes are ever-ready to assist you with any possible query regarding your Plumbing needs. For more information on any of the topics listed below,

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