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Inspection chambers in plumbing are very important as they provide easy access to the pipes that are buried underground. These Access chambers let the plumber/maintenance person inspect the drainage system and look for faults in the system. These manhole chambers also let us remove the dirt that could possibly block the drain pipes and cause inconvenience.
Manhole chambers are required wherever there is a change of direction, convergence or divergence in the underground drainage pipes to ensure smooth working of the systems due to timely maintenance.

Traditionally, inspection chambers were made of brick and cement which took a lot of time and demanded a lot of money. But today, CPVC manhole chambers have replaced the traditional concrete chambers as they are more economical and easier to use.

Ajay Terraline manufactures multi-inlet inspection chambers in two different sizes according to the needs along with manhole covers, riser pipes and plugs to terminate the endings.
These inspection chambers are connected to riser pipes that bring the access of the chambers to surface levels.

Ajay CPVC inspection chamber prices are very reasonable in spite of having the highest quality raw material and use of the latest cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing.

Ajay Access chambers are fully compatible with other products of the Ajay Terraline which include underground drainage pipes, fittings and inspection chamber accessories.



  • Quicker and more economical alternative of concrete manholes.
  • Reliable and easy to install
  • Multi directional inlets.
  • Anti-rodent material to prevent from damages done by rodents
  • Unique feature of self-cleaning
  • Very long life
  • Resistant to chemicalspipe fittings

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