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Toilet pan connectors are wide, large diameter pipes that connect the toilet pans with the toilet drain pipes. Toilet pan Connectors are an integral part of toilet plumbing as they are responsible for the flow of human waste from the toilet pans to the toilet drain pipes.
These pipes are of larger diameters because they carry solid human waste, being small in diameter can lead to frequent clogging of the pipes.


  • Flexible pan connector – The connector pipe is made of PVC plastic and is flexible for smooth movement of waste.
  • Pan connector for wall hung toilet- Modern toilets are wall mounted, that is why special types of Pan connectors are required in such cases.
  • Offset pan connector- A unique shaped rigid pan connector pipe.
  • Elbow pan connectors – Rigid pan connector pipes in the shape of elbows.
  • S trap Pan Connectors – Pan connector pipes shaped like the alphabet S.
  • P trap Pan Connectors – Pan connector pipes shaped like the alphabet P.

Ajay Pipes manufactures PVC plastic Pan connector pipes with rubber ridges fixed at the ends for perfectly leak-proof connection.

pan connector pan connectors pan connectors

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