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Today, plastic water pipes have completely replaced the old metal pipes used in the earlier times. Plastics pipes have today become dominant for water supply all over the world. The reasons behind the popularity of plastic pipes are:
1. Light in weight – The light weight of plastic pipes for water makes them easy to install and replace without hassle.
2. Recyclable – Plastics such as pvc pipes for water supply in the market today are completely recyclable making them environment-friendly.
3. Easy Handling – Being light, the plastic water line pipes are easy to handle and transport.
4. Immune to scaling- Because of their smooth internal surface the plastic pipes used for water supply do not let salts and debris in water to deposit on the surface and as such maintain the water flow.
5. Easy to install: These water line pipes are joined using either a solvent or pre-designed rubber ring structure. This takes minimum time and effort to make the joints which are reliable and long lasting.
6. Rust and corrosion free – The plastic water line pipes do not rust or corrode like metals water pipes. This property makes them ideal for long-time use.
7. Resistant to chemicals and microbial attacks- Material such as PVC for pipes does not react with any chemicals and is also resistant to the attack of several microbes.


A wide range of plastic pipes are available in the market. Following are some types of plastic water line pipe mentioned:

A. PVC Pipes :

PVC pipes are polyvinyl chloride pipes. PVC pipes are lightweight and are recyclable. These are used as water line pipes for agriculture, are widely used for water distribution and sewerage and also for plumbing & drainage inside buildings.

B. CPVC Pipes :

CPVC pipes are chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes are ideal pipes for water supply, carrying hot and cold water in homes and industries. CPVC pipes can resist temperature upto 93 Deg C.

C. UPVC Pipes :

UPVC pipes are Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride pipes. These are more rigid in comparison with the PVC pipes and thus, they are used in high pressure systems.

D. PEX Pipes :

Pex pipes are flexible and highly resistant to heat which makes them an ideal replacement of iron, copper and pvc pipes. These pipes are made of cross-linked polyethylene.

E. PERT Pipes :

These pipes are made of special polyethylene, especially designed for their use in carrying high temperature fluids. These pipes are highly flexible and are used in geothermal piping systems.

F. PPR Pipes :

PPR pipes are made from polypropylene Random copolymer plastic. These pipes are straight, rigid and can be used with both hot and cold fluids. These pipes are also compatible with potable water transportation.

G. MDPE Pipes :

MDPE stands for medium-density polyethylene pipes. These pipes use a heat welding system for joining.

H. HDPE Pipes :

HDPE pipes are high-density polyethylene pipes that have replaced concrete and steel main pipelines. HDPE plastic is a thermoplastic extremely suitable for high pressure pipelines.

Other pipes like Composite pipes, DWC pipes and Biaxially oriented PVC pipes are also among the many types of plastic water supply pipes.

Why Ajay UV-R Pressure PVC Pipe for water supply:

Ajay UV-R PVC pressure pipes & fittings manufactured from virgin UV stabilized high strength PVC compound. These pipes are used for water supply and are pre socketed and joined using solvent cement.

Unique advantages:

– 100% ISI marked
– Long life
– Cost effective
– Hygienic
– Corrosion resistant
– Chemical resistant
– High flow rate with smooth bore
– Self-extinguishing
– Maintenance free

Sizes Available:

Ajay UV-R pressure pipes available from 20mm to 315mm in 5 different classes (i.e. 2.5kg, 4kg, 6kg, 10kg & 15kg)

Why Ajay Greenline PVC Pipes for Cold water plumbing:

High performance products with several unique & performance enhancing features like Lead-free system, high strength UV-R pipes with high pressure bearing capability, heavy duty high pressure fittings made using “Granule Technology” for leak-proof jointing & several unique design features that enhance product performance and durability over any other system available in India.
– Manufactured from environment friendly virgin UPVC compound.
– Lead free material does not affect water quality for human health.
– Does not corrode.
– Does not support scaling even in hard water condition.
– High strength.
– All weather UV resistant.
– Does not support combustion.
– Good impact resistance.
– Fast & easy installation.
– Consistent & reliable jointing.
– Stringent quality control.
– Cost effective with very low lifetime ownership cost.

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