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WC connector pipes connect the toilet pans with the soil drain pipes that are present underground and are a part of the underground drainage system. Toilet connectors are a very important fitting and thus are available in varying types like :

  • Straight WC pan connector – Generally used with wall mounted toilet pans, these connectors are straight and rigid.
  • 14 degree angle WC pan connector– these connectors are bent at a slight angle of 14 degrees for gravity to come into action.
  • 20mm offset WC pan connector pipe– these pipes are narrow and are capable of carrying lesser waste at once.
  • 40mm offset WC pan connector pipe- These are wide connectors and capable of carrying more waste without clogging up.
  • Extended straight WC pan connector- these connectors are longer in length than normal WC pan connectors
  • 90 degree bend WC pan connector- These connectors have a 90 degree bend and are also called elbow pan connectors.
  • Swan neck WC pan connector– the curve in this connector is shaped like a swan’s neck, thus the name.
  • Flexible WC pan connector- Made of plastic, this connector is flexible and can move after connecting both ends with toilet pan and soil pipes.
  • 90 degree flexible WC pan connector – Flexible connector with a 90 degree bend.

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These pipes are generally available in large diameters so as to reduce the possibilities of clogging as solid human waste tends to clog small diameter pipes very easily.Modern toilets have WC flexible connectors installed to provide smoother movement to the waste from the toilet pans to the underground drainage soil pipes. Flexible connectors are made of plastic and are strong along with being flexible. The flexibility allows the pipe to swiftly move the waste through it without the need of any anti-clogging agents and devices.

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