What is A Drainage Pipe? - Everything You Need To Know
Drainage Pipe


What is a drainage pipe?

Drainage pipes are used to remove water or any other liquid from a particular area. In simple terms, a drainage pipe is used to dispose of waste water from homes and industries. These pipes are of utmost importance because of the purpose they serve. Did you know that drainage pipes also prevent floods triggered by soil erosion? Different types of drainage solutions include municipal drainage, road drainage, agricultural drainage, soil drainage, rain water drainage, house drainage, building drainage and industrial drainage. Upkeep of these pipes is the most important part of any building maintenance. It becomes impossible to carry on any routine work like cooking and cleaning if these water pipes are not functioning properly. Therefore, having the right knowledge and taking steps to maintain it is important.

Not all drainage pipes are the same. Different problems are solved by employing the usage of different drainage pipes. In order to skill fully manipulate the flow of wastewater, most commonly PVC pipes are used. If you are looking for some good quality of drainage pipes that will last years, then Ajay pipes will be the ultimate solution.

House Drainage

The wastewater produced in a house through sinks, dishwasher or bathroom is helped through SWR pipes with the help of gravity. This SWR pipe is then made to join the public sewer or a home built septic tank. This is done for recycling purposes. Why can’t you smell this wastewater getting transferred around your home? There are water seals in the trap to arrest filthy odour.

Rainwater Drainage

Rainwater drainage system present in buildings is a smart way of utilising run off rainwater. This drainage system collects the rainwater and directs it to a public network. They can be a small system for a residential unit or a large municipal network. These drainage pipes are also known as storm drains. Primarily there are three types of rainwater drainage systems, inlet, piping and outlet. They are all designed with an aim to unclog the roads and lanes during storms and rain.

Soil Drainage Pipes

Gravity plays the main role in soil drainage. It enables the water to move around and through the soil. Soil drainage is the main determinant for the fauna cover in a region. A good system of soil drainage yields pleasant agricultural results as well. Consider this, if the water in your patch of land takes more than an hour to drain out then, the quality of the soil is questionable. Water logging causes the soil ph or acidity to go up creating an unfavorable environment for the food or any other living creatures to survive. Artificial or natural removal of water from surfaces of a given area after irrigation plays a vital role in determining the quality of the agricultural produce. Irrigation is the process of deliberate and controlled supply of water over large patches of agricultural land in regular intervals. A well established network of irrigation channels ensures that the agricultural fields are getting appropriate amounts of water and not depending on rains.

House drainageRain water drainage

SWR Drainage Pipes

SWR is the abbreviation derived from Soil, Waste and Rainwater drainage system. These pipes are specific to managing soil, wastewater and rainwater and is the best overall drainage solution in India. These pipes are specially made and are immune to the development of fungi, bacteria and other harmful microbes. The highly durable and leakproof Drainline SWR pipes manufactured by Ajay Pipes are the perfect solution to deal with these kinds of wastewater situations.

Drainage Pipe Types

In this day and age, there are various types of drainage pipes available depending on several factors like weather and material among others. Here are the different types of pipes that form the primary drainage solution that you should know about:

PVC Drainage Pipes:

Considered to be one of the most widely used options for drainage pipes, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Drainage Pipe are sturdy and can tolerate high pressure. They make for about 75% in the waste water mains section. The best part? It simply needs solvent cement or a rubber ring to join the PVC pipes together. It is a time saving, pocket friendly option. These features make PVC the best drainage system in India. Ajay pipe produces the most advanced drainage options in the country.

DWC Pipes

DWC stands for Double Wall corrugated pipes. These pipes are another option for strong drainage systems. They are a cost effective, durable and flexible solution. The material used for making these pipes is polyethylene which is chemically inert in nature. Their durability is ensured because this substance is abrasion resistant and highly corrosive. No matter which weather conditions or landscape you need these pipes to be laid out in, they will survive there for long.

Cast Iron Drainage Pipes

Cast iron drainage pipes are used mostly in home projects. The purpose is to allow free, obstruction-free flow of waste water from the house to the recycling centers. They are known for lasting years at a stretch. However these are expensive, very labor intensive making them difficult to install.

Clay Drainage Pipes

Clay pipes have been traditionally used in drainage applications. Being a cost effective option, clay pipes were widely used for underground drainage purposes. Although strong and eco friendly these pipes are heavy, difficult to install and required maintenance and replacement over a period of time.

Concrete Drainage Pipes

Made of steel and concrete, these pipes had been the material of choice before the advent of plastics and are still in use especially in large diameters. They suffer from being very heavy & require special machinery during installation. The internal surface being rough is prone to depositions and hence they require frequent cleaning.

SWR Drainage pipe sizes:

UDS Pipes (Underground drainage)

Terraline UDS pipes manufactured by Ajay Pipes from virgin PVC material guaranteeing durability and flexibility. UDS means Underground Drainage System, a vital component in any building. This enables the connection between building drainage to the main sewage. For this purpose, Ajay Pipes provides top notch quality of UDS pipes that guarantees to last over 50 years. Known for providing skillful services, Ajay pipes ensures that the technical team from our end remains available for any assistance round the clock. Quality product and dedicated services.

Advanced Drainage System

PVC foam core pipe is part of the new generation advanced drainage system. It replaces conventional underground drainage systems made up of RCC. It is light in weight, easy to install, no special tools required during installation, less manpower required & easy to repair as compared to RCC pipes. In simple terms foam core pipes are multilayered (3layer) pipes. It consists of an outer and inner layer of the solid PVC layer along with a middle layer of foamed PVC. when compared to the solid wall PVC pipes foamcore is a lot more lightweight (Approx 25%). Terraline PVC foam core pipes are anti-ordent. Hence rodents will not attack or damage the pipe.

Advances drainage pipe sizes

Ajay Terraline PVC Foam core pipes complied to IS: 16098-Part 1 & available from 110mm to 315mm in 3 different classes (SN-2, SN-4 & SN-8). For a stress free drainage system Ajay Terraline PVC foam core will be a great choice.

UDS PipesAdvance drainage system

If you are looking for a reliable drainage pipe provider in India then your search stops here! You’re just a call away from installing a durable, tough and pocket friendly drainage pipes network in your house and commercial spaces. Call Ajay pipes experts right away in the toll free number 1800 11 4050 or send an email to info@ajaypipes.com.

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