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Sewer Pipe


About Sewer Pipe

Sewer pipes are underground pipe for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings (but not stormwater) to municipal sewerage for ultimate transportation to treatment facilities or final disposal.

A house or any building cannot be made without sewer pipes. It is the foundation of any structure. A well connected network of pocket friendly sewage and drainage pipes ensures that all the human produced waste reaches the septic tank or the sewer freely. There are many different types of pipes for serving different purposes in a building depending upon the material of construction.

Sewer Drain

A sewer main drain is the most crucial part of any sewer system. This main drain is connected to all the different drain lines and collects the waste water through them. After that the main drain leads to the main sewer that leads on to treatment plants or disposal joints. It is vital to keep a check at these drain piping network systems every now and then to check for pollution in any way or another. Any leakage will cause water pollution in your house water supply.

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About Sewer Plumbing

Sewerage inside the home is caller sewer plumbing or sewer drainage. For this application, PVC SWR pipes are used in India which stands for soil waste and rainwater drainage system. As the name suggests, this drainline is used to collect the runoff water and direct it to the nearest sewer drainage or septic tank. These pipes are made in a way that ensures they are free from bacterial attack,microbes infestation and antifungal. Most homes and buildings have separate drainage for rainwater and wastewater in order to ensure zero water pollution. Ajay pipes offer Drainline SWR pipes & fitting that are light in weight, long lasting and cost effective.

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Why Ajay Terraline PVC Foam Core Pipe

Ajay Terraline PVC foam core pipe is the new generation pvc pipe for sewer lines. It is light in weight, easy to install, no special tools required during installation, less manpower required & easy to repair. In simple terms foam core pipes are multilayered (3layer) pipes. It consists of an outer and inner layer of the solid PVC layer along with a middle layer of foamed PVC. when compared to the solid wall PVC pipes foamcore is a lot more lightweight (Approx 25%). Terraline PVC foam core pipes are anti-ordent. Hence rodents will not attack or damage the pipe. Ajay Terraline PVC Foam core pipes complied to IS: 16098-Part 1 & available from 110mm to 315mm in 3 different classes (SN-2, SN-4 & SN-8). For a stress free drainage system Ajay Terraline PVC foam core will be a great choice.

Types of Sewer Pipes

PVC Sewer pipe

Sewer pipes are highly corrosion and chemical resistant especially designed to carry toxic human waste. These plastic PVC pipes are most suited for use in home and industrial sewer systems.

Cast Iron Sewer pipe

Typically used in earlier days, these pipes are made of gray cast iron.

Clay Sewer pipe

Clay pipes are made of clay, air dried and then fired in a kiln.

Concrete sewer pipe

Most widely used are the sewer pipes made of concrete finding their use in municipality sewer lines.

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