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CPVC Pipe, CPVC Pipe Sizes, and CPVC Pipe Specifications


What is CPVC Pipe?

CPVC pipe full form is Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe. CPVC pipe was first developed in the late 1950s and had its first commercial production in 1959. The first residential installation of CPVC pipes was in 1960 in the USA Research House. Since then CPVC has over six decades of proven performance and trouble-free usage.

The heat resistance is relatively high in CPVC pipe, meaning CPVC pipes can handle temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 Deg C) making them suitable for hot water distribution systems and are fire retardant.

CPVC is a tough rigid material with chemical resistance over a broad temperature range. Moreover, CPVC pipes have proven long term service with low ownership costs.

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic polymer used for plumbing applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They are produced as a result of chlorinating the PVC polymer. Chlorination makes the CPVC material more flexible, chemical resistant and gives them the ability to withstand high temperatures up to 93deg. C.

CPVC pipes are bendable and exhibit fire-retardant properties, which means they can slow down or stop the spread of fire and are used in fire sprinkler systems. Apart from being resistant to chemicals, CPVC is resistant to many acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and bases. CPVC Pipes are made in both Copper pipe size (CTS) and Iron pipe size (IPS) standards.

CPVC Pipe Uses

CPVC pipes are ideal for hot and cold water distribution in residential and industrial projects. They are used to carry drinking water and food liquids and are also used in water treatment systems.

CPVC pipes are used in industrial plumbing for chemicals. They are used in the transportation of chemicals and hot corrosive fluids that includes a wide range of inorganic acids, bases used in chemical processing.

CPVC pipes are widely used in Hot & Cold Water Plumbing Pipes and Fittings, fire sprinkler applications,and other applications requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.


CPVC Pipe Sizes

CPVC pipe and fittings are available in CTS (Copper Tube Sizes) in sizes 1/2″ through 2″ while the Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 CPVC pipe and fittings are available in IPS (Iron Pipe Size) in sizes 2½ inch and larger for commercial applications like multi-story installations. CPVC pipe is available in 3mtr. & 5mtr. length in the market.

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CPVC Pipe CPVC Fittings
Class of Pipe Standard Sizes Available Class of fittings Standard Sizes Available
Class-1/SDR-11 IS:15778:2007 ASTM D 2846 1/2″ – 2″ SDR-11 ASTM D 2486 1/2″ – 2″
Class-2/SDR-13.5 IS:15778:2007 ASTM D 2846 1/2″ – 2″ SCH-40 ASTM F 438 2½” – 4″
SCH-40 ASTM F 441 2½” – 8″ SCH-80 ASTM F 439 2½” – 8″
SCH-80 ASTM F 441 2½ ” – 8″ Solvent Cement ASTM F 493

CPVC Pipe Specifications


CPVC CTS pipes sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch confirms to IS: 15778 & ASTM D-2846. Pipes available in two different classes (i.e. SDR11 & SDR 13.5)

CPVC IPS pipes sizes from 2-1/2 inch to 8 inch confirms to ASTM F-441. Pipes available in two different classes (i.e. SCH40 & SCH80)

When designing CPVC pipes the manufacturer should consider factors like pressure and flow requirements, friction loss, operating temperatures, support spacing, joining methods, thermal expansion, and contraction.

  • Pressure ratings should not exceed the rating mentions in the pressure rating chart.
  • Schedule 80 pipe operating above 54.4 °C should not be threaded.
  • Flanged systems of any size should not exceed working pressure at 23 °C. Note that pressure ratings vary with valve type.
  • CPVC CTS pipes used in hot and cold water distribution systems have a 28Kg/cm2 pressure rating at room temperature.


Dimensional detail of SDR-11 (Class-1) & SDR-13.5 (Class-2) CPVC Pipes Conforming to IS: 15778:2007

Outside Diameter(mm) SDR11 Pipe Wall Thickness(mm) SDR13.5 Pipe Wall Thickness(mm)
Sl. No Size(mm) Average Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance
1 15 15.90 ±0.1 1.95 ±0.25 1.65 ±0.25
2 20 22.20 ±0.1 2.25 ±0.25 1.95 ±0.25
3 25 28.60 ±0.1 2.85 ±0.25 2.35 ±0.25
4 32 34.90 ±0.1 3.45 ±0.25 2.85 ±0.25
5 40 41.30 ±0.1 4.05 ±0.25 3.35 ±0.25
6 50 54.00 ±0.1 5.20 ±0.35 4.25 ±0.25

Why Ajay Flowline – Plus?

We at Ajay Pipes, manufacture CPVC pipes by making use of the latest technology and high-quality raw materials. The CPVC pipes manufactured by us are designed in such a way that they are perfect for both cold as well as hot water distribution systems. CPVC pipe & fittings can be the ideal choice for you because these pipes are durable, friction-free, corrosion-resistant, and environment-friendly.

Features of Ajay Flowline – Plus (CPVC Pipes & Fittings)

  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC piping system performance is 25% higher compared to Generic CPVC. Hence, the margin of Safety is more.
  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC piping system impact strength is 3times higher compared to generic CPVC resulting in much lower handling, transportation & installation related damages.
  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC pipes & fittings are non-toxic and certified by NSF & CFTRI. Hence it is suitable for a potable water system.
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  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC pipes & fittings designed to give 50yrs. life. This ensures a long trouble-free performance delivering one of the lowest lifetime ownership costs for the system.
  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC piping system provides leak proof joints because of easy installation technique, Perfect-Fit system & high performance Lo-VOC one step solvent cement.
  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC pipes & fittings manufactured under very closed dimensional tolerances to give a Perfect-Fit system.
  • Ajay Flowline-Plus CPVC pipes & fittings are versatile and can be used both in indoor and outdoor plumbing applications.

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