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PVC pipes serve as the ideal option for varying commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing systems. Its cost-effectivity, versatility, and durability makes it an ideal choice among certain homeowners and contractors. Moreover, knowing about pvc pipe price could be an overwhelming task due to certain factors that could affect cost. Let’s delve into major factors that could influence the pipe prices, that allows you to make a proper decision for your plumbing requirement.

Size of pipe

Its size serves as the major factor that could impact its price, as it comes in varying lengths and diameters. Usually, large pipes with high diameters seem to be more expensive in comparison to small pipes. Its varying price is because of enhanced material.

Pipe class

These pipes are entirely based on its wall thickness and pressure rating, and varying applications need pipes with different ratings. Plastic pipe price gets affected, as the high rated pipes seem to be more expensive.

Pipe schedule

These pipes are present in varying schedules that depicts its wall thickness, and it depicts the thickness that affects the cost. Thick walled pipes seem to be more expensive as they need better procedure and raw materials.

Pipe length

PVC pipe length seems to be another major factor that influences its price. And, the long pipes need more materials along with better manufacturing processes, which result in high prices. Moreover, custom lengths might result in some additional charges because of extra labor.

Multi Collage

PVC Pipes Price List & PVC Pipe Fitings Price List

Searching for PVC pipe fitting price list or PVC Pipe fittings price list? Your search ends with the top-quality PVC pipes and Fittings by Ajay pipes which are available all across India at affordable prices that you won’t need to look at the PVC pipe rate list of others.

There are Four Types of PVC Pipes:

1. PVC water pipes for water supply used in agriculture, infrastructure, and water supply
2. PVC drainage pipes for residential, commercial and municipal drainage
3. PVC plumbing pipes for cold water supply inside buildings
4. PVC underground drainage pipes

Pipes and fittings by Ajay, a pioneer in manufacturing plastic PVC pipes for water distribution and drainage system, are suitable for individual residential units as in these units, quality is the top-most priority and Ajay pipes and Fittings are made of 100% virgin plastic using the latest technology to last for a long long time.

Our products are also perfect for the commercial users for application in community residential units, Commercial spaces, Industries and agricultural settings as they are available in bulk along with on-site training by Ajay Experts to optimize the installation and maintenance.

If you are a Trader or a Builder then you should focus on a good brand & if you are a homeowner then you should focus on high quality products only. Ajay pipes offer high quality PVC pipes at an ideal price.


Understanding the entire pvc pipes price list, the pipes empowers you to make appropriate decisions during buying a pipe. By considering the above factors, you are required to search for the correct balance between cost-effective and quality. The price list allows you to search for a better pipe price list for requirements.


Reasons to choose Ajay :

Easy to use and Install products.
Full range of all pipes and fittings
Use of latest technology
Maintenance free systems
Available in both Ring-fit and Solvent-Fit joining system
Strict compliance to standards
Corrosion and rust proof products
Chemical resistant and safe to deal with potable water.
Suitable for outdoors.
High value for money
High flow rate
No scaling or pitting
Availability all across the country.

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