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PVC pipe prices vary depending on the class of pipe, quality, length, material and usage of the pipes. PVC pipes are used for different purposes like water distribution & drainage systems. The quality, material and thickness of the pipes vary as well. While drainage pipes are made for non-pressure application, they are lighter in weight compared to pipes for water distribution which are thicker and designed to withstand pressure. Drainage pipe prices are generally lower than water supply pipes of the same size and length

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Plastic Pipe Price

Pipes for water supply and drainage are made from several different plastics. Plastic pipe prices also depend upon the type of plastic used. Different varieties of plastics being used for piping are PVC, CPVC, HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PPR, PEX, PERT etc. Amongst all the plastic pipes, PVC pipes are most easily available and prices of PVC pipes are the most affordable.


Ajay pipes is the best choice as its products are of the top-notch quality, suitable for personal use and affordable with best services from Ajay Experts for commercial users.
The characteristics of Ajay products are mentioned below :
● Availability – Ajay products are available all across India with 11 warehouses and more than 500 dealers spread across the country.
● Use of the best quality raw materials- Pipes and fittings by Ajay are made of environment-friendly virgin plastic
● Durability – All the pipes and fittings from Ajay are highly durable having a long life because of strict quality controls and rigorous testing of each batch of products.
● High impact strength – Good quality raw material and cutting-edge manufacturing technology makes the products strong providing them with high impact strength.
● Most certified Brand – Ajay is the most certified brand for plastic PVC pipes and fittings in India with certifications from many national and international institutions.

Ajay presents a wide range of PVC pipes and fittings with the best quality and most affordable prices suitable for all the applications, be it drainage systems or water distribution systems (For Agriculture, infrastructure, residential and commercial use).

Ajay is a more than 5 decade old manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings offering the best PVC pipe prices in India.

If you are a Trader or a Builder then you should focus on a good brand & if you are a homeowner then you should focus on quality products. Ajay pipes offers good quality PVC pipes at an ideal price. To download the PVC pipes price list fill out the enquiry form please.

PVC Pipe Cost

The PVC pipe cost depends upon the following:
1. Raw material cost: This consists of the PVC resin price and the quality of additives used.
2. Pipe Weight: depends upon the size and wall thickness of the pipe
3. Manufacturing cost: includes power and labor cost for plastic material into pipe
4. Packaging and transportation

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