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Wash basin bottle trap fittings have a bottle like structure connected to a pipe at one end. This Basin bottle trap is connected below the wash basin and it contains some amount of water at all times to act as a seal against the foul smelling gases that come up from the drain pipes towards the opening of the wash basin. This seal of water does not let the foul gases to escape.
Wash basin traps help keep the bathrooms and other places clean and hygienic without the contamination by foul gases and dirt from the drain pipes.
Wash basin traps have bottle-like wider pipes that collect freshly drained water after each use such that the bottle is filled with water all the time and the foul smells and gases do not get an escape route.

Whenever there is a fault in the working of wash basin bottle trap fittings, the gases escape and fill the surroundings, thus contaminating the atmosphere around the wash basin and increasing the risk of infectious diseases due to the dirt.

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Wash basin P traps are also traps that have the same function of maintaining a water seal to prevent the smelly gases from escaping, but unlike the wash basin bottle trap fittings, they do not have a wider bottle like structure, instead, a small diameter pipe has a curve like the alphabet P . wash basin p traps take more radial space and are not suitable for washbasins mounted on pedestals, whereas, basin bottle traps take less space and thus, are ideal for pedestal mounted wash-basins.Ajay Pipes is an expert manufacturer of All kinds of PVC pipes and Fittings and specialises in the manufacturing of wash basin traps.

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