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It’s hard to imagine a pvc elbow at once, but the work of the PVC Elbow is mostly the same as a human elbow, it helps to bend the plumbing pipes to be bent at certain angles as straight pipes just can’t do all the work by themselves. It’s either right, left, up, down or even at a certain angle, the PVC Elbow can do it. PVC elbows are fitted at the end of PVC pipes to allow pipes to reach tough spaces without being out in visible area and regardless of forced twist and bends to pvc pipes fitting


Pipe Fitting

Pipes Fitting

Type of Elbow Pipe Fittings :

  • 90 degree PVC Elbow
  • Long radius PVC Elbow- Used for areas where water pressure is high so the water flow is not obstructed and the risk of solid depositing is low to get a higher turbulence.
  • Short radius PVC Elbow- ┬áits a 90 degree sharper PVC Elbow to occupy less space in tight corners.
  • Reducing PVC Elbow- used where 2 different pieces of pipes needed to be joined( i.e different in diameter ). The opening comes in different sizes according to the requirement. It helps to change the pressure from high to low or vice versa.


  • 45 degree PVC Elbow or PVC Bend – It is used to make directional changes to PVC piping systems and applicable for both water distribution and drainage.

87.5 degree PVC Bend – It is used to make directional changes to the PVC drainage system for the gravity flow of wastewater.

Elbow pipe fittings or Drain pipe elbow or Sewer pipe elbow or bends are available with two types of jointing system.

Ring Joint: This incorporates a very simple to use rubber ring specially designed for easy, full-proof and cost effective installation. PVC Elbow or PVC Bend with rubber rings incorporate specially designed grooves for seating of rubber rings which saves both time and labor for the end user. Installation is done by simple application of lubricant on the plain end of pipe or fitting and pushing it inside the grooved socket. Rubber ring holds the spigot tightly in place and ensures leak proof joint. The jointing does not require any solvent cement, welding, soldering or threading for making the joints.

Solvent Joint: Solvent jointed PVC Elbow & PVC Bend jointing involves using of solvent cement. On application of solvent cement on the pipe and fitting, a thin layer of PVC is softened and once the softened material intermix forms a homogeneous joint. The solvent dries up quickly and the joint comes to its original rigid plastic state. Once joined, the system cannot be taken apart.

Why Ajay Pipes ?

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