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The correct technical name of this product is CPVC Solvent cement also known as CPVC Cement or simply CPVC glue.
CPVC Cement is used to join CPVC pipes and fittings together to ensure that they form a homogenous leak-proof joint. CPVC cement is made up of CPVC resins, solvents and color for quick and easy application at the joints of CPVC pipes and fittings.

CPVC solvent cement does not work like a glue. The CPVC solvent cements are based on chemical welding technology that melt the surface of the plastic, which when inserted inside one another, mixes together a thin layer of plastic that works like cold welding. Once welded, within a few minutes the solvent dries up leaving the plastic to harden and gain its original strength.
The result of this process is a joint which is homogenous and strong, resistant to water, heat, pressure, etc. A CPVC cement joint once made cannot be taken apart.

These solvents are an integral part of CPVC plumbing system.
Good CPVC glue not only makes strong joints but has optimum drying time so as to enable plumbers enough time to work and at the same time regain joint strength after jointing quickly.
Another important aspect of the solvent cement is that it should contain solvents which should be safe for end users as well as for plumbers.

CPVC Solvent cements are available in tubes and cans. Cans come with dauber type applicator for ease of use for plumbers.

CPVC Solvent cements are of two types:

One-step: the solvent cement can be directly used to make joints and does not require usage of separate primer. These are recommended for usage in water applications for making joints upto 2”. In case of CPVC these are yellow color and are classified as medium duty.

Two-step: these solvent cements require usage of primer prior to application of solvent cement. These solvent cement systems are recommended for use to make joints 2 ½” and above sizes and also where piping is being used for conveyance of industrial chemicals.
Primers for CPVC are generally purple color and heavy duty solvent cements are either grey or orange color. These are generally classified as heavy duty.

CPVC cements are available in the following sizes:

One-step yellow medium duty:
29ml, 59ml in tubes
118ml, 237ml, 463ml, 946ml in cans

Purple Primer: 463ml, 946ml in cans

Heavy Duty grey or Orange: 463ml, 946ml in cans

CPVC Solvent price

CPVC solvent cements are reasonably priced for consumers that remain stable in the long run. The solvent cement is a very small component of the overall plumbing system however it is one of the most important component which affects the quality of the plumbing work. Customers are advised to choose genuine products only which carry reliable certifications.

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Ajay CPVC solvent cements are one of the most reliable products on offer in the Indian market.
They feature
● NSF certification for drinking water safety
● Low-VOC for safety of plumber health
● Contains patented joint-check technology

Ajay is one of the oldest and leading CPVC pipes and fittings manufacturer in India offering products with superior performance, better durability and more ease of use for plumbers.

Features of Ajay products :
● All CPVC products by Ajay are resistant to fire as CPVC does not burn when exposed to heat or fire.
● There is either zero or low microbial growth
● CPVC pipes and fittings are very strong and hard.
● Ajay products are quick and easy to install.
● CPVC is resistant to chemicals, so Ajay CPVC flowline is safe for use in industries and chemical factories.
● There is no observation of scaling or deposition inside the pipes and fittings.
● All the raw material is NSF certified
● These pipes and fittings are safe to deal with potable water.
● These plumbings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications as they are temperature resistant.

For any queries regarding CPVC solvent cements and CPVC solvent cement prices, call on the Mobile No: +91 9355012531 or at the email address info@ajaypipes.com or you can visit our website.

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