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Before talking about various kinds of CPVC Adapters, let us first find out what is CPVC?
CPVC stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride which is a treated plastic that could sustain high temperatures, pressures, is very strong and durable.
CPVC is a suitable raw material for plumbing pipes due to its various characteristics like :

  • High temperature resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Safe for potable water
  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Reliable jointing
  • Non-combustive


CPVC adapters are fittings that are used to connect a CPVC pipe with any different polymer piping or metallic fixture or equipment in plumbing application. These are alos known as CPVC Transition adapters because they connect the pipeline from CPVC to the other materials. Example To connect a pump to a CPVC pipeline, CPVC adapter is required.

There are many different types of adapters that are available for joining pipes with various kinds of fixtures.
Different types of CPVC adapters are:

  • CPVC Plastic threaded Adapters
  • CPVC Brass threaded Adapters
  • CPVC Union type threaded Adapters
  • Bushing type CPVC Adapters

CPVC threaded adapters

These adapters connect pipe on one side and have plastic thread on the other to connect to any kind of threaded fixture. These adapters are not recommended for use with hot water.
These are of two types

1.CPVC male threaded adapter (MAPT)
2.CPVC female threaded adapter (FAPT)

CPVC Brass threaded adapterss

These adapters connect pipe on one side and have brass thread on the other to connect to any kind of threaded fixture. The brass threads make them suitable for hot water and where more robust joints are required.
These are of two types
1. CPVC male threaded brass adapter (MABT)
2. CPVC female threaded brass adapter (FABT)

CPVC Brass threaded adapters

These adapters are multi-functional and connect pipe on one side and have brass thread on the other to connect to any kind of threaded fixture. At the same type they incorporate features of a Union using which these can assembled and dis-assembled for maintenance work on the fixture. These are also suitable for hot water applications.
These are of two types
1. CPVC male threaded union adapter
2. CPVC female threaded union adapter

CPVC Brass threaded adapters

Bushing type CPVC Adapter
These are special purpose adapters using which one can connect any kind of UPVC fitting to a CPVC pipe by using solvent cement. These adapters are assembled with a UPVC fittings using CPVC solvent cement.


Ajay is the only company which manufactures Brass Union type adaptors in India.

Ajay pipes is a leading brand in manufacturing of CPVC pipes and Fittings, having earned the most number of certifications from various National and International Organisations. Following are the advantages of Ajay pipes over other brands :

● 25% higher performance- Products by Ajay are guaranteed to perform 25% better than other brands.
● Excellent Hot water performance- Pipes by Ajay have a temperature tolerance of upto 93 degrees.
● Fast and installation- Products are light-weight and thus, easy and quick to install. Also the threading at the ends of pipes and fitting eliminate the need for solvent cements.
● Cost effective- All the products of Ajay Pipes and Fittings are affordable.
● High impact strength- Good quality raw materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology results in higher impact strength.
● Corrosion-resistance- CPVC fittings and pipes by Ajay do not rust or corrode, which makes them durable.
● Leak proof joints- Solvent cement by Ajay has a joint-check technology where joints can be checked by shining a torch on it.
● Maintenance free systems – Products of Ajay are reliable and durable that they do not require time to time maintenance or replacements.
● Strict quality standards and rigorous testing – All the products by Ajay undergo multiple quality checks to ensure only the best reaches the customers.

For more information on CPVC adapters, or for CPVC adapter price or CPVC price list, contact the experts at Ajay pipes on the Mobile No +91 9355012531 or at the email address info@ajaypipes.com or you can visit our website.

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