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CPVC Pipes And Fittings: What Makes Them Ideal For Plumbing Applications

CPVC Pipes And Fittings

The boom in the real estate industry, especially the residential and commercial building sector, has witnessed a huge demand for cost-effective and reliable piping and plumbing systems. The choice of pipes and fittings are based on their long-term value and durability. CPVC pipes and fittings have over the last few decades delivered on factors such as long-term costs, reliability and water safety, making it a clear choice for plumbing applications.

Over here we discuss the user-friendly features of CPVC pipes and fittings that make them go-to-solution for plumbing systems:

1. Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion: CPVC pipes do not break down even under harsh conditions and aggressive service conditions such as salt air exposure and corrosive soils. Made from the imported compound, our CPVC pipes and fittings are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Neither do they corrode nor do they scale. They do not react with the chlorine in the water.

2. High-pressure bearing capacity: When it comes to choosing pipes for plumbing, pressure bearing capacity is one of the most important factors to take into account. Too much pressure fluctuations can cause pipes to rupture. This isn’t the case with our CPVC pipes that are resistant to impact loads three times more than generic CPVC pipes could handle.

3. Leak-proof: In the plumbing industry, leakages are an ongoing problem. But thankfully, our CPVC pipes are welded using Ajay Solvent cement that ensures leak-proof performance over the lifetime of the plumbing system.

4. Easy and cost-effective to handle and install: One of the major advantages that our CPVC pipes have over traditional metal pipes is that they are lightweight. This means low transportation costs along with faster, safer and easier handling. Moreover, the installation technique is easy and doesn’t involve the use of specialised tools. All this reduces overall labour costs.

5. Suitable for drinking water: Resistant to bacterial growth, CPVC pipes are ideal for carrying drinking water safely. Our CPVC pipes are used for hot and cold water distribution. Certified by IAPMO India, our CPVC pipes meet both American and Indian Standards when it comes to carrying drinking water. As compared to other thermoplastic plumbing systems, our CPVC pipes can withstand high temperatures. This is why they are used in many solar and electrical water heaters.

6. Optimum flow rate: As CPVC pipes do not scale, pit or leach leads, the inner surface remains smooth. This minimises friction pressure losses. This means the optimum flow rate remains constant even decades after the use. This also means that the optimum flow rate can be maintained using smaller pumps and less energy.

7. Ideal for outdoor use too: High tensile and high-impact strength make CPVC pipes tough and durable. Our CPVC pipes are UV-resistant and remain as it is even after long-term exposure to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

To offer superior dimensional accuracy with a high level of accuracy, our Flow Line Plus CPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured using state of the art machinery. We offer an entire range of plumbing fittings including elbow joints, valves and other plumbing products.





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