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PVC Plumbing Valve:

Valves are mechanical fittings that are used to control the flow in the plumbing systems, sometimes also used to change the direction of the flow.
Valves are very crucial in plumbing systems where flow control is required like motor pump connections, aquariums, swimming pools, industries, etc.
They are also essential to stop the flow whenever maintenance work needs to be carried out.


PVC plumbing

PVC plumbing valves are the best available variants of the valves for cold water plumbing in the market today. Following are the characteristics of PVC Valves :

  • These valves are light in weight as compared to metal valves
  • These valves are considerably less expensive than the metals ones.
  • These valves are very strong and have a long life.
  • These valves have capable of handling high pressure
  • These valves are non-corrosive and do not rust, thus being more reliable.

PVC Ball Valve Sizes:

½” (15mm), ¾”(20mm), 1” (25mm), 1 ¼”(32mm), 1 ½”(40mm), 2” (50mm), 2½”(75mm), 3” (90mm), 4” (110mm), 6” (160mm)

Different plumbing systems demand a variety of PVC valves to control different pressure lines.
A few types of valves are mentioned below:

PVC Ball Valve

PVC Ball Valves have two endings, one inlet and another outlet. They control the flow of the fluid or completely cut off water supply. PVC ball valves have a rotating ball with a bore inside the ball which when aligned with the ending, allows the fluid to flow and stops it when rotated by a quarter. These are the most robust prefered type of valves used in PVC plumbing systems.

PVC Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves have a disc inside the valve instead of a bore. That disc rotates and provides control over the flow of the fluids. Such valves are generally used to deal with the flow in high pressure pipelines like community water supply systems and sewer systems.

PVC Concealed Valve

Concealed valves are installed inside the bathrooms and function as inlet and outlet controls for water heaters, water inlets for WC and control valves below the washbasins. The functional parts are made up of brass and the valves handles are available in several designs to suit customer preferences. Further PVC Concealed valves are available in quarter turn or full turn styles.


Valves are widely used in homes, swimming pools, aquariums, irrigation systems and industries where control over the flow of the fluids in the system is crucial.

PVC valves are durable, cost-effective, and used for a wide variety of fluids like water, air,chemicals and acids.They come with different kinds of connections, such as solvent sockets, different flange types, or threads(male, female, straight).


  • According to pip sizes
  • According to pressure holding capacity
  • According to temperature resistance
  • According to the type of fluid
  • According to the cost


Ajay pipes offer a whole range of PVC Plumbing valves, pipes and all other kinds of fittings of highest quality at most affordable prices.

PVC plumbing valves are the most favorable valves suitable for all kinds of systems being non-corrosive,chemical resistant, temperature tolerant, pressure tolerant as well as cost effective. PVC ball valves are the most efficient valves available in the markets presently.

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