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Long networks of drain connecting either the different drains of a building to the main drainage system of the area or connecting several drainage systems of multiple buildings to one main system are called Drain Lines.
Drain lines consist of different kinds of pipes depending on the amount and type of waste they carry.Drain lines also have vents to prevent the gases from the waste filling up the households or neighbouring areas, these vents are connected to the pipes leading to the roofs of the buildings.

Several types of Drain pipes or Drain tubes are available in the Indian market as per the requirements, though it proves difficult to know exactly which pipe to buy if one is not a plumbing expert.


Drainage House


PVC ( Polyvinyl Chlorinated ) drain pipes are plastic pipes that are resistant to oxidation and degradation having a long life span of upto 50 years.
These pipes are multi-purpose with their being used in harsh conditions involving soil, waste and chemicals, these pipes are highly versatile.
PVC drain pipes are designed to handle high water pressure and heat resistant upto 60℃, thus being best suited for household and commercial drainage systems. PVC drain pipes or Plastic drain pipes are the ultimate drainage solutions and are durable and immune to bacteria, built to last long. SWR pipes are a lifeline of any drainage system and Ajay Drainline offers a wide collection of strong, durable pipes & fittings for homes and commercial spaces. These pipes have a special significance in urban areas where the runoff water does not seep into the ground and requires to be directed into sewers.


Land Drain pipes are PVC pipes with different pressure classes and are mostly used for irrigation purposes. As agriculture is the main source of economy, irrigation is a crucial factor. Ajay pipes has a collection of pressure class PVC pipes that are perfect for any kind of irrigation activity, be it surface, drip or sprinkler systems.

Ajay Pipes offer a wide range of Land Drain pipes according to the uses and needs of its customers.
A complete range of home drainage solutions by Ajay Pipes is offered at very lucrative and affordable prices with the assurance of best quality and maximum durability.

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