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Bottle trap pipe is a device that prevents debris from going inside the drain pipes and foul gases from the drains to escape into the bathroom surroundings.
In Absence of bottle trap plumbing, a wash-basin can very easily be blocked by different kinds of dirt particles. Therefore, Bottle trap fitting is a crucial part of wash basin plumbing.

When the basin is used, the water goes down into the drains and ultimately into the sewer pipes where a lot of dirt is present, this dirt accumulation releases a lot of foul gases that may come out through the drain pipe and pollute the bathrooms and kitchens. This is prevented by Bottle trap pipe as it maintains a certain amount of water in the bottle like structure so as to act like a water seal which does not let any foul gas enter into the bathroom or kitchen. These gases are not just foul smelling but also very harmful to our health, that is why bottle trap fittings need to be installed under all the wash basins.

Get Bottle trap plumbings for your bathrooms and kitchen bottle traps for your kitchen wash basins as well from Ajay Pipes and Fittings, pioneer in manufacturing PVC pipes and Fittings.

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