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Indian Pipe and PVC Connection Pipe Used in India

Indian Pipe

Pipes in India are of several types and can be classified based on :


  • Agriculture
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Municipal

Their application

  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Ducting & conduiting

Fluid being conveyed

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Air and gases

Pressure vs Non-pressure

Joining technology

  • Threaded
  • Solvent
  • Compression
  • Rubber ring
  • Soldering
  • Heat welding
  • Push-fit

In this article we shall cover the plumbing and drainage pipes for residential and commercial applications in India.

Over the past decades, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes have marked its place as one of the most dominant construction materials in sewer systems. As these pipes do not rust or corrode over time, they are well suited for home plumbing piping needs. The only time replacement is needed is when these pipes are damaged or start leaking. PVC connection pipes are an important part of the toilet pipe.

PVC plays an essential role in our everyday life. They are strong, durable, and do not bend under pressure and are widely used in high-pressure applications. These pipes are used to repair sections of the broken cast-iron wastewater pipe and to repair other drain lines. PVC pipes are used for sanitary waste lines, vent pipes, and drain traps. These pipes are suitable to carry water and other industrial fluids to the machinery unit.

There are quite a few pipes used for plumbing and drainage in India.


For Plumbing

UPVC Unplasticized PVC (UPVC) is used for cold water supply distributions

CPVC Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) pipes can withstand higher temperatures and are used to carry hot water

PPR – PPR pipes (Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes ) are used to build hot & cold water systems.

COPPER – Rigid copper pipes are one of the common types of water supply pipes used for water supply within the home as they don’t come with any health risks. Flexible copper pipes are used in final runs to water refrigerators, water heaters, and sinks.

PEX – PEX or Polyethylene cross-linked pipes are widely used for water supply in residences and small business establishments

Ajay pipes and fittings

For Drainage

Cemented Pipe – Concrete cemented pipes are cost-effective, strong, and durable. They are eco-friendly and are non-flammable, unlike plastic pipes

CI Pipe – Cast Iron pipes are used in home sewer applications. They are tough and durable. Cast Iron pipes are widely used by municipalities because of the low maintenance it requires and can last for more than a hundred years.

PVC Pipe – PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes are the most common and widely used in drainage systems. These pipes are affordable, durable, and easy to install. They are used a lot in toilet drain lines

DWC Pipe – DWC pipes or Double – Walled Corrugated pipes are also known as HDPE Corrugated Pipes. DWC pipes are used in railways, telecom, and highways as it can take heavy earth loads.

Drainage Pipes

Ajay Pipes – The Pipe House of All PVC Products

Ajay pipes have established a strong presence in the PVC pipe and fittings industry for over five decades now catering to the plumbing needs of our country. We are one of the leading PVC pipe brands in India.

Ajay’s PVC pipe factory is one of the most advanced pipe manufacturing facilities in the country using the latest state of the art European machinery, best quality raw materials, comprehensive product testing lab and well trained dedicated manpower.

Ajay Flowline-Plus

Our wide range of CPVC products known as Ajay Flowline-Plus is manufactured using the latest technology and high-quality materials. They are designed to support hot water and cold water distribution systems. This is what makes us one of the leading pipe brands in India. Ajay Flowline-Plus products are NSF/ANSI 14 & 61 certified by IAPMO India making them safe to use for drinking water transportation.

Ajay Greenline

Ajay Greenline (UPVC Pipe and Fittings) are eco-friendly and are made of lead-free, non-toxic UPVC compounds. They are used for cold water plumbing applications. Our UPVC products are of high quality, high strength, and UV stable.

We at Ajay pipes offer a wide range of UPVC pipes, fittings, valves, and other plumbing applications. Our UPVC products are lighter in weight and are easy to transport. Our UPVC and CPVC products are widely used in individual homes, residential complexes, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, RO and DM water plants, and other industrial applications.

Ajay Drainline

Our complete range of most advanced PVC Soil, Waste, and Rainwater (SWR) piping systems comes under Ajay Drainline. We incorporate the use of a DM-seal jointing system designed for easy, leak-proof, and cost-effective installation. Our products are lightweight and high-strength.

Ajay Terraline

Our complete range of UDS pipes and fittings comes under Ajay Terraline. They are manufactured using advanced three layer extrusion technology. Our UDS or Underground Drainage Pipe Systems are used for underground drainage application. Ajay Terraline has a complete range of drainage pipes and fittings, inspection chambers, Non-return valves, and solvent cement.

Applications of PVC Connection Pipes

Water supply

The PVC pipes are strong, lightweight, resistant, and low-reactive. This makes them suitable for water distribution applications. PVC pipes have a maximum temperature threshold up to 60deg. C and are used for cold water lines.


PVC pipes do not wear, rot, or rust. They are resistant to fracture and have the ability to yield under loading without fracturing. PVC pipes are widely used for sanitary and underground plumbing.

Chemical Industry

PVC pipes are resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis, salts, and alcohols. They are used for transporting hazardous chemicals as they have high resistance to corrosion.

Characteristics of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are traditionally white or dark grey. They are available in a rigid form that is commonly used in construction and piping applications and flexible forms used in electric cable insulation. They are strong, lightweight, resistant, and low-reactive. This makes them suitable for sanitary, underground plumbing, and other water distribution applications.

PVC pipes are highly resistant to fracture and have the ability to yield under loading without fracturing. PVC pipes are suitable for water transportation and drainage systems. Since PVC has a maximum temperature threshold up to 60deg. C hence, they are used for cold water lines.

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