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What is SWR Pipe & its Full Form


Ajay Pipes is known for being India’s most advanced PVC SWR piping system available and has a complete range of SWR plumbing system for all your needs.
Ajay pipes are the first in India to incorporate the use of a DM-seal jointing system exclusively designed for easy, leak-proof, and cost-effective installation. The system ensures to offer different installation options, impeccable quality finish, and perfect dimensional accuracy.

What is SWR pipe?

SWR pipes are the PVC or UPVC pipes that are designed specifically for the drainage systems. SWR’s full form is Soil, Waste, and Rain water. So technically SWR pipe means the pipes and fittings used for soil, waste, and rainwater drainage.
A drainage system is highly important to discharge the wastewater from the land surface or sinks of living space or a building. The drainage system is very crucial to save crops and fertile lands from the overflowing water especially in India where monsoon brings heavy rainfall. Over the years people started to age in modern society and prefer compact housing. What they forget to concentrate on is a hi-tech domestic drainage system. This is where SWR pipes come into the picture.


SWR pipes

pipes and fittings
pipes and fittings

What is the SWR System?

The SWR system is the system designed for soil,waste and rainwater drainage. SWR drainage system is designed for quick and efficient removal of waste and debris without any blockage or leakage. Our SWR pipes are highly resilient, durable with high tensile and strength. Our SWR pipes are immune to bacteria, fungi, and micro-organisms attacks and prove to be the perfect long term solution for building drainage systems.

What are SWR fittings?

SWR fittings are used for soil, waste and rainwater management. They are easy to install due to their lightweight.
We offer a complete range of pipes and fittings like,

  • Ring-fit and Solvent-fit pipes
  • Ring-fit and Solvent-fit fittings
  • Big range of traps for both under floor and ceiling suspended installations
  • High-performance solvent cement and lubricants
  • Wash Basin P-traps and bottle traps
  • Air admittance valves
  • WC and Pan connectors

SWR Pipes Specification

ajay pipes

Ajay Drainline is known for better ease of use, superior performance, improved durability and excellent SWR pipes specifications.

We offer high-performance products with several unique and performance-enhancing features like,

  • Factory fitted DM seal in all the pipes and fittings we manufacture. Our products are tested to a minimum 5 bar joint pressure to ensure fast, easy, full-proof jointing and long maintenance-free service.
  • High strength and rigidity pipes for long life and easy handling
  • We use “Granule Technology” to manufacture heavy-duty reinforced fittings to ensure the elimination of breakage and damage issues during installation or transit.

Our floor traps are designed to fit in the perfect nahani trap definition. The nahani trap is fixed on the floor to collect wastewater from the washbasin, sink, bath shower, and bathroom, etc. Our nahani traps are designed with right water-seal and multi-floor traps with minimum 50 mm water-seals for foul odour prevention.

Why Choose Ajay Drainline

  • With over 5 decades of expertise in manufacturing plumbing products, the company is highly engineered to design the best plumbing products in the country. We ensure that all our products offer the best functionality.
  • We equip state-of-the-art machines and employ the latest cutting edge technology to achieve the highest performance of the products.
  • We use virgin raw materials to manufacture our products thus ensuring the best quality products. Our products undergo numerous and stringent quality control systems to ensure the product standard.
  • We take pride in being the most certified plumbing system in India having received certification from topmost Indian and International Organizations.
  • With over a network of 11 company-operated warehouses and over 500 dealers and distributors across the country, all our products are easily available.
  • All technicians and plumbers are provided with onsite training in an attempt to improve their plumbing skills.

Other features and benefits

  • The lightweight pipes & fittings offer quick & easy installation.
  • All our products have leak-proof joints and are maintenance-free systems.
  • All our pipes & fittings are in strict compliance with standards.
  • Ajay Pipes are manufactured using the latest twin-screw technology & fitting using the latest injection molding technology.
  • Our products are corrosion & rust-proof, resistant to chemicals, and designed for long durability and service.

Why are SWR pipes needed?

  • SWR pipes are manufactured with Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) pipes as their key raw material. Hence these pipes are sturdy, lightweight, and flexible to be seamlessly used in building drainage systems.
  • SWR pipes are robust, inert to chemicals, and are not affected by rust and corrosion.
  • The surface of the SWR pipe is very smooth and offers an excellent flow rate.
  • SWR pipes are cost-effective. Lightweight and easy installation has made transportation and handling easy.

Unique Features of SWR pipes

Strong and Durable

SWR pipes are highly resilient and durable with high tensile and impact strength and are unaffected by weathering and chemical action.

Quick Installation

SWR pipes are extremely light in weight and are easy to transport and install. They can be connected with a special DM seal.

Easy Maintenance

SWR pipes are not only easy to install but also need minimal maintenance.

Efficient Removal of Waste with Leakage

The smooth and free inner surface of SWR pipes and fittings eliminates clogging and drain choke-up.

For more queries on SWR pipes or if you are looking for sewage pipes get in touch with our expertise from Ajay Pipes. Give us a call in the Toll Free No: 1800-11-4050 or via email at our email address info@ajaypipes.com

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