Green Plumbing: What No One Is Talking About
Green Plumbing: What no one is talking about

In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, most people are looking for ways to improve sustainability in their homes. Green plumbing is an important concept of practicing sustainability at home, can be a solution to achieving this goal. By using sustainable materials and products, water usage can be reduced and at the same time there are many options to derive energy cost reduction benefits.

Ideas for Green Plumbing

  • Limit water use and avoid water wastage: Just the awareness in the household will result in water savings. One example is that train children to turn tap off while brushing.
  • Use grey water treatment and re-circulation system: waste-water can be easily treated and recirculated for flushing and many types of washing applications. Installing this system can result in single largest saving of water for the household.
  • Use Low-flow devices on your faucets/taps: usually one does not need high water flow to rinse. Wash and do your daily jobs around the bathrooms and kitchens. By installing low-flow devices, you can derive substantial water savings without any hassle.  
  • Use Low Flow shower heads: showers are another area where huge water consumption occurs. By installing the low flow shower heads, a lot of water can be saved.
  • Use dual flush cisterns: old flushing systems are highly inefficient and water hungry. New generation dual flush cisterns can do the same job much more efficiently using 1/3rd the water. 
  • Reuse RO system outlet water for washing/cleaning: find ways to reuse the outlet water of RO systems at your homes for washing/cleaning purposes rather tham simply flushing this water into your drains.
  • Use Waterless urinals: options are available for use of waterless urinals specially for commercial establishments which can potentially offer huge water savings
  • Check for leakages and fix them promptly: keep checking your plumbing system for leakages and ensure they are fixed promptly
  • Adopt Rain water harvesting: this can result in not only recharging the natural underground acquihires but this water can also be directly used for any application based on the treatment used.
  • Use energy efficient heating systems. Use solar water heaters and Tankless water heaters for conserving electricity.
  • Insulate all hot water pipes. Water in uninsulated pipelines cools down rapidly losing a lot of energy. 
  • Use timers on your hot water heating devices: use timers such hot water is only available when it is needed and not the whole day long 
  • Use energy efficient appliances like washing machines and dish-washers
  • Stop using chemical based unclogging/cleaning options and and adopt environment friendly options. Chemicals are toxic and go into the sewage and ultimately into the environment causing lot of damage.

Is it worth the hassle?

Going green with the plumbing makes a huge difference in terms of the energy and water costs of the house. After replacing the regular products with environment-friendly products, the difference in the costs is highly evident. If the aspect of health is considered, green plumbing can help the residents in a large way. For instance, getting a green water purifier installed will ensure that you get cleaner water than what the usual products have to offer. Going green with plumbing also lets you stay in peace that you are doing your bit to help maintain a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment.

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