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Looking for CPVC Pipe Supplier/Dealer or Wondering Where to Buy CPVC Pipe?


Choosing the Right CPVC pipe supplier or pipe dealer near your area

There are many places to find the right CPVC Pipe suppliers near you. Whether you want to find a small CPVC pipe retailer near you or CPVC pipes online for your small quantity repair needs or you want to find a large CPVC pipe dealer for your bulk purchase need for your renovation work or new construction work or you want to find a large CPVC pipe distributor for buying pipes for your business, we can help you find the right source. Leave your contact details with us now and we shall provide the solution.

CPVC has always been the best option of piping systems in a wide variety of industries like drinking water, water treatment, construction, and chemical processing.

What are CPVC Pipes

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride or CPVC pipe is a thermoplastic pipe made with CPVC resins. CPVC is resistant to chemical, reliable, and can withstand high heat temperature and pressure, thus making it an ideal material for residential, commercial, and industrial piping and fire sprinkler systems.

Ajay Flowline Plus (CPVC Pipes and Fittings) products are produced from a unique combination of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material with physical properties desirable for piping applications for both hot and cold water supply lines. We equip the latest technology and high-quality materials to manufacture CPVC pipes and fittings.

When it comes to constructing your dream house or building, one needs to look out for the right plumbing fittings. This is why CPVC pipe fittings can be an ideal choice as they are friction-free, corrosion-resistant, and environment-friendly.

CPVC pipes

Applications of CPVC pipes

CPVC pipes are ideal for hot and cold water distribution in residential and industrial projects. They are used to carry drinking water and food liquids and are also used in water treatment plants.

CPVC pipes are used in industrial plumbing for chemicals. They are used in the transportation of chemicals and hot corrosive fluids that includes a wide range of inorganic acids, bases used in chemical processing.

CPVC pipes are widely used in Hot & Cold water plumbing, fire sprinkler applications, sheets, and rods for industrial applications, automotive parts, and other applications requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.

While looking for a reliable CPVC pipe dealer in your area, please check the following factors.

Selection of Brand

Before choosing a CPVC pipe dealer, have a thorough research about the brand and how good their reputation is. You can always read their customer /client reviews and check out their online ratings. It is better to have an objective view of the company’s customer service and reliability. Selecting a good brand is the first step where you can go completely wrong or make it the best choice. Make sure to select a brand that has always proved to be the best in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Certification

It is very important to make sure that the products you desire to buy are certified and are approved by leading organizations in the industry. Certifications preserve the integrity of the products and ensure that the product used is safe and durable. A product that is certified undergoes various testing, evaluation, and engineering review for safe usage. A good CPVC pipe dealer must be able to present the product certifications.

Product Quality

Never settle for cheap products to save money on construction. High-quality products need not be costly always. Ajay pipes have earned a reputation for providing high-quality plumbing & drainage pipes and fittings at an affordable price. Ajay pipes not only use high-quality raw materials but also ensure that no compromise is made especially in terms of quality while designing & manufacturing a product.

Product Range

The first satisfaction in purchasing any products for plumbing & drainage needs comes with the maximum yet best choice that we can have. As a customer, we would always prefer to find more options in one roof. Imagine how worse it could be to approach a dealer for the pipe and another for pipe fitting because the first dealer has not got the product? You cannot waste your time running around different dealers for different plumbing needs. That is why it is important to find a pipe dealer who supplies a wide range of CPVC pipes and fittings.


Customers prefer buying products at a reasonable price. You must find a CPVC pipe dealer who can supply the best quality products at an affordable price. A cost-effective product is the one that offers benefits and usage for the amount you have paid for the product. Ensure that you don’t end up buying cheap products without considering the quality of the materials used.


Convenience and availability of the brand are one of the main things to be considered while choosing a reliable CPVC pipe Supplier. For instance, you need to check if the local stores that sell CPVC pipes and fittings can offer next day delivery. You can also buy CPVC pipe online, however it is not an ideal option.

If you are looking for any of the following , please contact us now! For details regarding our CPVC pipe dealers near your area, Give us a call in the Toll Free No. 1800 11 4050 or send an email to info@ajaypipes.com.

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