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Best PVC Pipe in India or the Top 10 PVC Pipe Manufacturers in India


Finding the best PVC pipe in India is one the most important decision for any user today. PVC pipes are used for irrigation, municipal water supply and for plumbing & drainage in buildings. Plumbing and drainage is one of the most important facilities in your home. Usually these products are expected to last as long as the building itself. Any disruption will cause huge inconvenience to the entire household and failures may lead to huge loss to you and damage to your building.

Plumbing and drainage constitute approximately 1% of your construction cost as such most experts advise that no compromises be made. There are thousands of manufacturers of PVC pipes in India and choosing the right supplier even after shortlisting the top 10 pvc pipe manufacturers must be done carefully.

How to identify Top PVC Pipe Manufacturers

Old & Experienced Company

Before deciding to buy PVC pipes and fittings make sure to know the market presence of the brand you desire. A company cannot achieve a brand value in a short period. Only a company that has marked itself in the respective industry and continues to serve customers at large scale can deliver products that are superior in quality. The best pvc pipe shall most likely be from the most experienced company.


The more value the brand holds, the more excellent the product is. It is very important to consider a brand while purchasing the best PVC pipes for drainage needs. Always lean towards a brand that continues to meet customer needs and satisfaction. The top PVC pipes in India are all from companies who are focusing on branding as well.

ISO Certified Company

It is very important to make sure that the products you desire to buy are manufactured by an ISO certified company. Certifications preserve the integrity of the products and ensure that the product used is safe and durable. The top 10 PVC pipe companies are found to maintain a well documented ISO system.

Using of Virgin Raw Material to Manufacture PVC Pipe & Fitting

Never settle for cheap products to save money. PVC pipes & fittings are used in drainage systems and hence it is very important that the brand uses virgin raw materials to manufacture PVC pipes & fittings. Ajay pipes have earned a reputation for providing high-quality drainage pipes and fittings at an affordable price.


PVC pipes and fittings manufactured by a brand undergo various tests and evaluations before they are certified by various organizations in the industry. The more certificates the products have got, the best the brand is. You can choose th best PVC pipe in India based on the number of certifications that the product carries.

Product Range

Choose a plumbing supply brand that has a wide range of products available under a single roof. This will save you time and money. All the top pvc pipe companies offer its customers a comprehensive range of plumbing and drainage products under one roof.


Make sure that you buy the best PVC pipes & fittings for drainage application with a warranty. Buying a product with a warranty saves you from unexpected repair costs. Only the best PVC pipe company will offer extended warranty on its products.

Multi-Location Depot

The Company should have depots in multiple locations so that the customer doesn’t go empty-handed while buying any product.

Product Performance

Based on your previous purchase experience, our word of mouth, prefer the company that offers products with good performance rate.

After Sales Service & Customer Care

How much importance a company gives to its customers depends on the after-sales service they provide. You can always trust a company that strives hard to maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

Sales Team

A good company will have a sales team that strives to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products offered by the company.

Onsite Support

A reputed company will have an onsite support team that mainly focuses on 24*7 customer service.

Plumber Training

Many plumbing supplies companies have now started training plumbers on the latest plumbing technology concerning their products.

Ajay Pipes – One of the top PVC Pipe Manufacturing Company in India

  • Ajay is known for better ease of use, superior performance, improved durability and excellent PVC pipes and specifications.
  • We offer high-performance products with several unique and performance-enhancing features like,
  • Factory fitted DM seal in all the pipes and fittings we manufacture. Our products are tested to a minimum 5 bar joint pressure to ensure fast, easy, full-proof jointing and long maintenance-free service.
  • High strength and rigidity pipes for long life and easy handling
  • We use “Granule Technology” to manufacture heavy-duty reinforced fittings to ensure the elimination of breakage and damage issues
  • Our floor traps are designed to fit in the perfect Nahani trap definition. The Nahani trap is fixed on the floor to collect wastewater from the washbasin, sink, bath shower, and bathroom, etc. Our Nahani traps are designed with right water-seal and multi-floor traps with minimum 50 mm water-seals for foul odor prevention.

Why Choose Ajay PVC Pipes

  • With over 5 decades of expertise in manufacturing plumbing products, the company is highly engineered to design the best plumbing products in the country. We ensure that all our products offer the best functionality.
  • We equip state-of-the-art machines and employ the latest cutting edge technology to achieve the highest performance of the products.
  • We use advanced certified raw materials sourced from the most renowned US and European suppliers to manufacture our products thus ensuring the best quality products. Our products undergo numerous and stringent quality control systems to ensure the product standard.
  • We take pride in being the most certified plumbing and drainage system in India having received certification from top most Indian and American organizations.
  • With over a network of 11 company-operated warehouses and over 500 dealers and distributors across the country, all our products are easily available.
  • All are technicians and plumbers are provided with onsite training in an attempt to improve their plumbing skills.
  • Our range of PVC pipe & fittings BIS Certified. Our products are approved by BMC & PWD.

Features and Benefits of Ajay PVC Pipes

  • The lightweight pipes & fittings offer quick & easy installation.
  • All our products have leak-proof joints and are maintenance-free systems.
  • All our pipes & fittings are in strict compliance with standards.
  • Ajay Pipes are manufactured using the latest twin-screw technology & fitting using the latest injection molding technology.
  • Our products are corrosion & rust-proof, resistant to chemicals, and designed for long durability and service.
CPVC pipe

The above factors have made us one of the leading PVC pipe manufacturers in India.

If you are looking for the best PVC manufacturer for your plumbing needs or any of the following below, Contact us now! Get in touch with our experts for more details. Give us a call in the Toll-Free No. 1800 11 4050 or send an email to

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