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PVC Pipe Company in India


Plumbing and drainage is one of the most important facilities in your home. Usually these products are expected to last as long as the building itself. Any disruption will cause huge inconvenience to the entire household and failures may lead to huge loss to you and damage to your building. Plumbing and drainage constitute approximately 1% of your construction cost as such most experts advise that no compromises be made. It is very important that only the right plumbing & drainage brand that offers most reliability to users only be used.

How to identify the Best PVC Pipe Company near You


The more value the brand holds, the more excellent the product is. It is very important to consider a brand when you think of a pipe company to buy your plumbing needs. Always prefer a brand that continues to meet customer needs and satisfaction.


Buy products that are certified and approved by leading organizations in the industry. Certifications preserve the integrity of the products and ensure that the product used is safe and durable.

Product Range

Choose the plumbing company that has a wide range of products available under one roof. This will save you time and money.


Make sure that every product you buy from a plumbing company has a warranty to protect you from unexpected repair costs.

Multi-Location Depot

The PVC pipe company should have depots in multiple locations so that the customer doesn’t go empty-handed while buying any product.

ISO Certified Company

The pipe company should be ISO certified so that the plumbing supplies sold by them are safe and durable.

Product Performance

Based on your previous purchase experience, our word of mouth, prefer the company that offers products with good performance rate.

After Sales Service & Customer Care

How much importance a company gives to its customers depends on the after-sales service they provide. You can always trust a company that strives hard to maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

Sales Team

A good company will have a sales team that strives to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products offered by the company.

Onsite Support

A reputed company will have an onsite support team that mainly focuses on 24*7 customer service.

Plumber Training

Many plumbing supplies companies have now started training plumbers on the latest plumbing technology concerning their products.

Old & Experienced Company

A company cannot achieve a brand value in a short period. Only a company that has marked itself in the respective industry and continues to serve customers at large scale can deliver products that are superior in quality.

Ajay Pipes – One of the top PVC Plumbing Company in India


Why Choose Ajay Pipes?

Delivering quality plumbing & drainage products for our customers throughout the country, Ajay pipes remains one of the top PVC pipe manufacturing company in India to manufacture the best plumbing & drainage pipes for over five decades. Best known for our high-quality standards, abrasion-proof products, and non-toxic raw materials used, our products are ideal for leak-proof plumbing & drainage, durable outdoor installations.

Ajay Greenline offers quality plumbing products for our customers throughout the country, Ajay pipes remains one of the best plumbing brands in India to manufacture the best plumbing pipes for over five decades. Best known for our high-quality standards, abrasion-proof products, and non-toxic raw materials used, Ajay Greenline (UPVC pipes and fittings) are ideal for leak-proof plumbing, durable outdoor installations, and concealed pipelines for cold water distribution.

Ajay Drainline offers a vast range of drainage pipes & fittings especially designed for waste and rainwater drainage systems. At Ajay Pipes, we offer superior quality of SWR pipes and fittings to be installed in various drainage systems. With unmatched strength and high-quality material, our products are efficient in delivering long-term results.
Our pipes are designed according to different requirements and can be installed easily. The joining systems enabled Ajay Drainline system time saving and also reduced the labor cost. Pipes & fittings made at Ajay are the most advanced PVC SWR piping system in the country at present. This makes us one of the customer preferred brands among the list of piping companies in India.


The brand is the first thing to consider before buying any products. When it comes to plumbing products, it is very important to choose a brand that has all the products under one roof. We, at Ajay pipes, have a complete system along with a complete range of PVC pipes, fittings, valves, and solvent cement that goes by our product range – Ajay Greenline & Ajay Drainline.

Raw Materials Used

The products in Ajay Pipes are made from non-toxic, lead-free PVC compounds. We use virgin raw materials for manufacturing pipes and fittings.

Delivering Best Quality Products

Our pipes and fittings are always the best in quality and are the number one choice of customers. We design products that are resistant to any kind of bacterial growth. Our products are protected against corrosion and chemical deterioration.

Ajay Pipe CertificateMulti Collage



With more than five decades of experience, Ajay pipes have built a strong association with their customers, dealers, and other patrons. The products of Ajay pipes are designed with high resistance making it a perfect choice for all your plumbing and drainage needs.


Our range of PVC pipe & fittings are SGS Certified and solvent cement is NSF certified. Our products are approved by BMC & PWD. The above factors have made us the leading PVC pipe company in India.

If you are looking for the best PVC pipe company for your plumbing & drainage needs or any of the following below, please contact us now! Get in touch with our experts for more details. Give us a call in the Toll-Free No. 1800 11 4050 or send an email to info@ajaypipes.com.