Advantage and Applications of CPVC Pipes
Advantage and Applications of CPVC Pipes



The term “CPVC” stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, which is significant since, in contrast to other materials, CPVC has an advantage in dealing with typical water treatment chemicals. The chloramine and chlorine molecules in the water supply are successfully blocked from attacking the pipe by the chlorine molecules in the pipe, making the material resistant to chloramine degradation and extending the lifespan. Additionally CPVC pipe manufacturers in India offer products that are nearly impermeable and not vulnerable to dangerous leaching.

Principal Benefits of CPVC Pipes:

Long-lasting: Because CPVC is a plastic, it does not corrode or react to erosive elements, therefore it has a longer lifespan.

Strong: CPVC pipes can withstand high water pressure, making them an excellent choice for a main water supply line.

Easy maintenance: CPVC pipe manufacturers in India offer pipes are lightweight and flexible, making it simple to transport and work with them.

Temperature Tolerance: CPVC can resist temperatures up to 93° F without melting. As a result, moving hot water is simple.

Chemical Resistance: Many common household chemicals do not harm CPVC materials. It has a self-extinguishing function that prevents it from catching fire when exposed to fire.


The main use of CPVC pipes :

    • CPVC pipes with its growing popularity is being extensively used for all industrial porposes, in construction, and even sometimes in the manufacturing processes
    • Installation of hot and cold water plumbing pipes indoors and outdoors
    • Heaters of water
    • Hidden, outdoor, and terrace water the pipeline
    • Pool facilities & public services.
    • Buildings for both homes and businesses.
    • There are two types of fittings: metal and plastic.
    • Brass is a metal that is utilised to join a plastic pipe to a metallic fitting, such as a metallic shower or tap.
    • Push fit and threaded jointing are the two types of fitting jointing that are possible.


  • Male and female thread jointing (MTA & FTA), which can be either plastic or brass threaded, are additional categories for threaded jointing.
  • Push fittings are those to which plastic pipes are attached using solvent cement.

The best CPVC pipe manufacturers in India offer long-term structural reliability and strength and the products are anticipated to last a lifetime under ideal circumstances thanks to the excellent quality testing. For all types of plumbing systems, CPVC water pipe and fittings, potable water pipe, are available to guarantee safety, sturdiness, and dependability.

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