3 Biggest Problems with Your Kitchen Sink & How You Can Fix It
3 biggest problems with your Kitchen Sink, and how you can fix it

Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is a very important hub within your home. You use it for variety of different things, and if it is not working as it should, you and your loved ones may get negatively impacted.

Let’s discuss a few things that could go wrong with your kitchen sink and how these problems would affect you if they were not promptly taken care of.

The first problem that can occur is low water flow. When you are trying to clean dried up food off of plates, the most irritating thing can be a lack of high pressure water from your sink to aid in your ability to remove the food from the plate or pan. Low water pressure in your kitchen sink can be caused by a number of different things. A few options are a clogged cartridge, or a blocked aerator within your sink. These issues are caused by sediments from your water building up within the fixture itself. This option is likely true if it is only the kitchen sink that is having issues with water pressure. If the whole house is having issues, it may be a problem such as a clog in the pipes that make up the home’s plumbing infrastructure. You will want to quickly get this problem taken care of, because if you do not, you will dread doing your dishes. And since doing dishes is a daily occurrence, you do not want to dread this job every single day.

Second problem that can come up with your kitchen sink is a leak. Leaks often occur in the plumbing underneath your kitchen sink and they can unfortunately go undetected for a large amount of time. Let’s say that you only use a specific cleaning product once per month and it is located at the back of the cupboard underneath your sink. The time comes around for you to use that product and you reach to the back just to find a pool of water! If this leak is not taken care of quickly, you can cause mold growth and rotting of the wood underneath your sink requiring significant repairs.

Another common issue is the clogged kitchen sink drain. If you inspect, your sink shall either be connected using a P-trap or a bottle trap or a direct waste pipe connected to the drain. In all likelihood choking would happen inside the traps or the piping. These can be easily dis-assembled, clean and re-assembled to remove the clog. In case you need, help call your plumber to do the job. 

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