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Cross pipe fittings also known as 4 way fittings are plumbing accessories used to join three pipes to the main line. These fittings
All the connections of a cross or 4 way fitting meet at 90° angle forming a plus sign. They are crucial while forming the framework of a plumbing system and are generally used to divide the flow of the fluid flowing through them. These fittings can have either one inlet and three outlets usually in case of plumbing or three inlets and one outlet in case of drainage application.
Cross pipe fittings may connect four pipes of same size or of different sizes, both the variants are available in the market. These crosses have female threads at all the endings.

UPVC Cross Pipe fitting Standard:  ASTM D 2467
Sizes and availability:  ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½” & 2”

CPVC Cross Pipe fitting Standard:  ASTM D 2846
Sizes and availability:  ½”, ¾”

SWR Cross Pipe fitting Standard:  IS – 14735
Sizes and availability:  RF/SF 75mm & 110mm


Y pipe fittings or wye fittings are fittings with three ends with two ends branching into one to from a Y shape, thus the name. This fitting facilitates smooth flow of drainage from two lines into a single line. Generally the angle between two branched ends is 45 degrees. A Y pipe fitting is similar to a tee fitting but the angle between branches differs to reduce the friction. These fittings are commonly used to connect horizontal and vertical drain pipes. Y fittings have many domestic and industrial applications due to their design.
These are also sometimes known as Y-bend pipe fitting or 3 way PVC pipe fitting.
Standard:  IS 14735
Sizes and availability:  RF/SF 75mm, 110mm & 160mm


Double Y fittings are a combination of two Y pipe fittings such that three inlet branches seem to come together with one outlet. PVC Double Y fittings are similar to the 4 way fittings or a 4 way pvc pipe joint except for the angles of branches, which are 45 degrees in case of y pipe fittings as opposed to 90 degrees in the 4 way PVC fittings.

Standard:  IS 14734
Sizes and availability:  RF/SF 75mm & 110mm

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