What should you look for in CPVC pipe manufacturers in India? How can you best compare CPVC pipe brands in India to each other and international competition? What factors matter most when shopping for CPVC pipes and pipe fittings from CPVC pipe manufacturers or CPVC distributors?


Quality takes a variety of forms. One is having pipe that accurately meets the dimensions it is supposed to have, whether that is 1 inch or schedule 80 pipe. Having a smooth interior bore and perfectly made screws if it isn’t a slip on fitting are essential, since scaling will start on any imperfection inside the pipe. It is worth paying a little more for pipe that you know will withstand high temperatures and pressures without deforming. When you select a brand of pipe that possesses widely recognized certifications like ISO and NSF, this is a selling point for any projects you install them in. Only one CPVC pipe manufacturer in India has been certified by NSF International. NSF is an international, independent third party body that tests and certifies that products meet public health and safety standards. When it comes to CPVC pipe, this can refer to drinking water pipes and pipes that carry edible products in a food processing facility.


We aren’t going to say to select the cheapest product. You probably can’t afford the price you pay for poor quality product, whether it is ill-fitting fixtures prone to leaking or degrades years sooner than expected. It is possible to pay for pipe that is tougher than standard CPVC pipe and can handle far greater pressures. However, the CPVC pipe with the best overall value is that which somewhat exceeds the performance requirements of the job, but you didn’t have to pay for the next tier of product. For example, when you’re installing pipe to protect electrical wires, it should resist moisture and pressure, but you don’t need the same level of resistance to corrosion as would be required for sewage pipes.
Another type of value is the relation between the cost and expected operating life. Pipe manufacturers whose products only last a few years may be the cheapest on the block, but your customers won’t be happy with the results. You could be liable for repairs when it starts to leak or crack after a few years. Pay a little more and know that the pipe will last for decades. Conversely, if homes that were piped with product from a specific manufacturer had to be re-piped, never use their products.
When shopping for CPVC pipe, also take into account additional costs like taxes, transportation costs and discounts you may receive when buying in bulk. This is why buying from an Indian supplier is often the better deal though a foreign supplier may show a lower list price; the savings are wiped out by the cost of transporting it to your worksite. That is aside from the risk that it will be delivered late.


One red flag with CPVC pipe products is a warranty that falls short. For example, good pipes will have a warranty that lasts 25 years. A major warning sign is that they have a warranty for less than ten years or won’t provide one at all. If they only offer a warranty that covers the pipes and won’t cover water damage from leaks, the warranty is cosmetic only and not worth anything.