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WC Pan Connectors

WC Pan Connector

A WC or a Pan connector is a fitting that forms a connection between your WC and the Soil pipe. Since practically it is difficult to pre-align the soil pipe and the WC which are installed at different stages of construction, a WC connector pipe gives flexibility to installers while giving a leak free connection.

Types of WC Pan Connectors

  • Straight WC pan connector – Generally used with wall mounted toilet pans, these connectors are straight and rigid.
  • 14 degree angle WC pan connector– these connectors are bent at a slight angle of 14 degrees for gravity to come into action.
  • 20mm offset WC pan connector pipe– these pipes are narrow and are capable of carrying lesser waste at once.
  • 40mm offset WC pan connector pipe- These are wide connectors and capable of carrying more waste without clogging up.
  • Extended straight WC pan connector- these connectors are longer in length than normal WC pan connectors
  • 90 degree bend WC pan connector- These connectors have a 90 degree bend and are also called elbow pan connectors.
  • Swan neck WC pan connector– the curve in this connector is shaped like a swan’s neck, thus the name.
  • Flexible WC pan connector- Made of plastic, this connector is flexible and can move after connecting both ends with toilet pan and soil pipes.
  • 90 degree flexible WC pan connector – Flexible connector with a 90 degree bend.


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