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What is Ajay Greenline? What is meant by lead Free System?

Ajay Greenline is an Eco-friendly Lead free UPVC Pipe and Fittings System manufactured from high quality, high strength and UV stable PVC compound that meets or exceeds the requirement of American standards. Ajay Greenline is easy to transport, store, handle and simple to install ensuring no corrosion and maintenance. Ajay Greenline Pipes are smooth, reducing frictional losses and resist clogging. The system is non-toxic, non—corrosive and does not allow any bacterial growth. It possesses good chemical and physical properties, which provides resistance to wide range of chemicals. Lead a traditional material used as an additive in UPVC pipes is toxic for human beings and minor intake over a long duration of time may result in serious health effects. For potable water use, major international standards recommend use of lead free systems.

Is Ajay Greenline affordable? What the expected life time?

Ajay Greenline is extremely affordable especially when compared to conventional systems. It is very competitive in terms of price and at the same time its resistance to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion further enhances its value on account of its long life span and low maintenance. Studies on UPVC pipe made in Europe suggest a very long useful life for these products in excess of 50 years, which will generally exceed the lifespan of the structures they are installed in.

Is UPVC pipe easier to install than alternative materials?

Ajay Greenline is substantially easier to install using the simple solvent welding system. It does not require any threading dies, welding/soldering torches, electricity or special tools. It is very light weight yet strong when compared to many alternatives. A length of UPVC pipe will weigh several times less than an equivalent size section of GI pipe making it easier to handle. Even unskilled labor can install them.

What are solvent cements? What is Solvent cementing process? Why is the system also known as pasting type system?

Solvent cements are mixtures of solvents (chemicals] and plastic resins used to weld (join] plastic pipe and fittings. Some cement contain additives and colors depending on application The solvents penetrate (attack] the surfaces of the pipe and fitting, causing them to soften and swell. Once the pipe/fittings are put together, the softened material intermixes to from a homogenous joint. Solvent are liquid and they evaporate fast. As the solvent cements are not adhesives/glue and will only weld plastic pipe to each other. The set usually only takes a minute or two to allow for gentle handling of the joint. The “cure” is the slow increase in strength of the joint. The system is also known as “Pasting Type” Only as lay-man terminology.

Is solvent welding capable of high strength?

Yes! Lap shear testing, as required by ASTM standards, determines the weld strength over time on flat Samples of UPVC plastic. Joint strength is 17.5 kg/cm2 in two hours and slowly approaches the strength of the plastic in the pipe.

Can we use locally available solvent cements with Ajay Greenline?

Normally the solvent cement forms a very tiny cost of the entire plumbing system. Ajay only recommends use of NSF certified solvent cement to ensuring product quality and for health/safety reasons. Sub-standard solvent cement may cause failures and ultimately huge losses for the end-user.

Can we use Ajay Greenline pipe with locally available fittings and vice-versa?

The first thing to remember is that Ajay Greenline is a lead-free system. Although locality available SCH 40/80 Fittings may be used with Ajay Greenline pipe or vice-versa however it is always recommended that pipes and fittings of the same manufacturer be always used. This ensures similar material and the best fit between pipes and fittings. Also in case of problem the responsibility lies with one supplier only.

Can Ajay Greenline be used for outdoor installations? Are there any recommendations?

PVC pipe contains stabilisers to protect the pipe against attack by UV present in sunlight. After several months of the pipe, however, the performance of the pipe is not affected. Studies show that Modulus of Elasticity and Tensile Strength are virtually unaffected. PVC pipe used in permanent outdoor exposures is recommended to be protected by light colored water based paint, Do not use oil based paints.