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Why Ajay Greenline

Ajay GreenlineRange of UPVC Pipes and Fittings
We are one of the leading UPVC pipes and fittings manufacturers to provide ideal solutions for plumbing applications. Ajay Greenline products are the most reliable and durable pipes and fittings for water distribution systems.

Advantages of Ajay UPVC Pipes and Fittings :

  • Products manufactured from eco-friendly virgin PVC compounds
  • Lead-free materials and does not affect the quality of water.
  • Does not corrode or support scaling even in hard water conditions.
  • High strength and UV resistance.
  • Fast and easy installation with good impact resistance
  • Stringent quality control
  • Does not support combustion
  • Cost-effective with very low lifetime ownership cost.


WC Pan Connector



Toilet pan connectors are wide, large diameter pipes that connect the toilet pans with the toilet drain pipes. Toilet pan Connectors are an integral part of toilet plumbing as they are responsible for the flow of human waste from the toilet pans to the toilet drain pipes.
These pipes are of larger diameters because they carry solid human waste, being small in diameter can lead to frequent clogging of the pipes.


  • Flexible pan connector – The connector pipe is made of PVC plastic and is flexible for smooth movement of waste.
  • Pan connector for wall hung toilet- Modern toilets are wall mounted, that is why special types of Pan connectors are required in such cases.
  • Offset pan connector- A unique shaped rigid pan connector pipe.
  • Elbow pan connectors – Rigid pan connector pipes in the shape of elbows.
  • S trap Pan Connectors – Pan connector pipes shaped like the alphabet S.
  • P trap Pan Connectors – Pan connector pipes shaped like the alphabet P.

Ajay Pipes manufactures PVC plastic Pan connector pipes with rubber ridges fixed at the ends for perfectly leak-proof connection.


WC connector pipes connect



WC connector pipes connect the toilet pans with the soil drain pipes that are present underground and are a part of the underground drainage system. Toilet connectors are a very important fitting and thus are available in varying types like :

  • Straight WC pan connector – Generally used with wall mounted toilet pans, these connectors are straight and rigid.
  • 14 degree angle WC pan connector– these connectors are bent at a slight angle of 14 degrees for gravity to come into action.
  • 20mm offset WC pan connector pipe– these pipes are narrow and are capable of carrying lesser waste at once.
  • 40mm offset WC pan connector pipe- These are wide connectors and capable of carrying more waste without clogging up.
  • Extended straight WC pan connector- these connectors are longer in length than normal WC pan connectors
  • 90 degree bend WC pan connector- These connectors have a 90 degree bend and are also called elbow pan connectors.
  • Swan neck WC pan connector– the curve in this connector is shaped like a swan’s neck, thus the name.
  • Flexible WC pan connector- Made of plastic, this connector is flexible and can move after connecting both ends with toilet pan and soil pipes. 
  • 90 degree flexible WC pan connector – Flexible connector with a 90 degree bend.




All you need to know about Bottle traps is here. PVC bottle traps are fittings connected to the drain pipes under the wash basin sinks. CP bottle traps keep the basins hygienic by not letting the debris block the pipes, meanwhile preventing harmful gases from the sewer pipes from escaping into the surroundings.

PVC bottle traps for kitchen sinks are also crucial as different kinds of food wastes also reach the kitchen sinks. These food items, if stuck in drain pipes, clog the wash basins, and create a very foul smell as time passes. PVC bottle traps are the solution to this very messy problem.

With each use, the bottle traps fill the bottle-like, larger diameter pipe filled with drained water and maintains a water seal. This water refills into the bottle with each use, thus preventing the debris from entering and foul gases from escaping, forming a perfect balance of hygiene.




Wash basin bottle trap fittings have a bottle like structure connected to a pipe at one end. This Basin bottle trap is connected below the wash basin and it contains some amount of water at all times to act as a seal against the foul smelling gases that come up from the drain pipes towards the opening of the wash basin. This seal of water does not let the foul gases to escape.
Wash basin traps help keep the bathrooms and other places clean and hygienic without the contamination by foul gases and dirt from the drain pipes.
Wash basin traps have bottle-like wider pipes that collect freshly drained water after each use such that the bottle is filled with water all the time and the foul smells and gases do not get an escape route.

Whenever there is a fault in the working of wash basin bottle trap fittings, the gases escape and fill the surroundings, thus contaminating the atmosphere around the wash basin and increasing the risk of infectious diseases due to the dirt.