Column Pipes Tips | Ajay Pipes
Column Pipes Important Tips


  • In place where the bore well yield is less, than after sometime the pump starts running dry which may heat up the connected Ajay Deepline column pipe. A correct assessment of bore yield should be done & timer switch should be used so that pump shuts off & on automatically after a certain amount of preset time & again gets on automatically as per the setting of the timer. This will ensure that water is always in the bore well & pump does not run in dry condition. 
  • During pump dry running the submersible pump gets heated &may damage the first connected Ajay Deepline column pipe. Another way of handling pump dry running is to use 3mtr. Of steel pipe in the bottom connected to the pump so that the heated pump is in contact with steel pipe which will dissipate the heat till the time it reaches the connected column pipe. 
  • Also the dry running condition may be tackled by installing a hand operated valve at the top of the bore well and keep in get partially open so as to limit the water flow that the pump does not get dry.

  • Whenever there is a dry running & pump over heating problem then there is a chance of deformation of the first pipe connected to the pump only. In case, any other pipe other than the first pipe bulges/deforms then it is clear case of high pressure of pumps & wrong selection of pipes.